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Yesterday's cooking class was Indian food, here is the menu
Pani Puri with Khajur Imli ki Chutney
Samosas (beef & peas)
Aloo Mattar (potatoes & green peas w/ tomatoes)
Vegetable Biryani
Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken)
Naam (or Naan)
Gulab Jabun (Indian Doughnuts)

The pani puri was good, but a bit fiddly in the frying of them - you have to be careful not to over fry them or they become tough. I don't normally like Chutney - but this one (khajur imli) was good. The samosas were tasty, but a bit spicy for me. [ profile] lapsedagnostic really liked them as is (I brought home leftovers). The Aloo Mattar was fairly easy and straightforward, and pretty tasty. I really liked the Biryani, no adjustment needed. The Butter Chicken also fairly easy - but a bit on the bland side for me. Of course my comparison is the one that I like from our local indian restaurant. That recipe would require some adjustments next time I make it. The naan is a simple dough, but this one is dough-y, not thin like the way it is served in most restaurants. The Gulab Jabun (doughnuts) also fairly easy to make and syrup is really, really good. Have to be careful while frying them as not to burn them (will probably use a thermometer if I make this at home to check the heat of the oil).

Next week I may take another class (it was not included in my class package) - which is the Paella/Tapas class.


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