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For my fellow bellydance enthusiasts ...

Bellydance Superstars is coming back to DC to the Lisner Auditorium (not the Birchmere, as usual) on March 3rd.

I bought 2 tickets for Widgeon and I. Anyone else coming?


May. 9th, 2008 11:07 am
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I normally get freaked out before I teach any class ... but I've been prepping to teach a bellydance class in a couple of weeks and I'm enjoying it and looking forward to the thought.

My brain is such a strange place.
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Public Service Announcement for Bellydance enthusiasists:

Tribal Cafe is tonight at the Asylum Bar in Adams Morgan in DC. Starts at 6pm, goes 'til 9pm.

Tonight's fabulous dancers include my teacher Asharah (aka [ profile] kiaroscruro on LJ), Kallisti Tribal, and the fabulous, sexy Belladonna.

I'm planning on arriving before 6 to grab a good spot. If you're going to be there, drop me a comment :)
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It's a good thing that my job doesn't have a dress code....

Because then no one considers it completely odd that I showed up at last night's birth in a crop top and bellydance pants (yes, that means I had a bare belly). I thought I had a shirt in the car, but that was in the other bag ... not the one I grabbed on the way out of the house. *doh*

Anyway, this morning at 1:20 am - baby boy Micah James made his entrance into the world. Mom, Dad and his two older brothers are thrilled. And after a satisfying evening of work well done, it was nice to fall into bed at 4:30am - well before the sun rose.

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Last night was Bellydance class with the fabulous Asharah and the
wife-y. This morning I have a sore upper back from practice correct arm
posture for bellydancers :)

for sore! By the end of this 16 weeks, I'm gonna have a back that makes
people weep with it's beauty. Well, I gotta try anyway!
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Tomorrow night MLW [ profile] ani_moore and I start bellydance classes with [ profile] kiaroskuro otherwise known as the fabulous Asharah ....

Here's an example of her fabulous-ness-ess ...(an intro for her new DVD coming out at the end of this month)

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I had an lovely dinner last night with [ profile] russell_moore and lots of delicious conversation -- and then he sent me off with a squeeze and a smile to see the Bellydance Show at the Palace of Wonders ..... OMG - they were fierce, and fun, and awesome. Support your local bellydancers, come out to more of the tribal stuff around the DC area ... if you don't, you are missing out!

I'm off to WV this weekend to see [ profile] belthazar_b and go to the WVU vs. PITT game on Sat night! w00t! Be back Sunday ....

Y'all have a good weekend :)
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There's bellydancing at the Palace of Wonders tonight - 10pm. Asharah, Ariel, Bella Donna, Bella Quattro, Kaihea, Mavi and Sammati :) I will be there!
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PSA for local bellydance enthusiasts .... Palace of Wonders is having an all Bellydance evening on Thursday, Nov. 29th. Don't know if I'm going to be able to make it - but I'm sure gonna try :)
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This announcement is for my bellydancing peeps. Bellydance Superstars is at the Birchmere on November 5th and Nov. 6th. I'm going with my lovely wife [ profile] ani_moore and my daughter A (affectionately known as the Widgeon) on Monday the 5th. Iffins you're interested in joining us ( [ profile] ladylyonesse? ) that would be fun. Drop me a comment and let me know if you've ordered your tickets.
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Spent some time playing with the Eye Candy make-up for bellydancers. My fabulous wife [ profile] ani_moore sparkled me up and took the pictures too :)


**edit** I played with color adjusting the images(thanks [ profile] keltique for the suggestion, although yours turned out better!) and here is the 2nd image tweeked a bit.

bellydance color adjust 2
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I will be going to the DC Tribal Cafe performance this Sunday evening at Asylum in DC. The show is from 6 to 9pm. If you want to know what I'm talking about - check out my post here to see some of the pictures from last month. Seating is not reserved.

Will most likely be there with my beautiful wife [ profile] ani_moore. Who else might be showing up?
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1. I'm currently snowed in in WV with [ profile] belthazar_b. I will, if all goes well, be home sometime tomorrow, but the weather is bad enough that: a) I couldn't get off of the hill where B lives with a front wheel drive Toyota Corolla and passable tires, and b)he barely made it down the hill with a better car and snow tires, this is *after* we passed at least 2 accidents in Morgantown proper, and c) even if I could of gotten out of here the warnings of continued snow and ice made me slightly wary of driving almost 4 hours and getting stuck in the dark in bad-ass weather. This isn't what I'd planned, but at least I'm not going to worry my loved ones. Anyway, there's pizza, football and Warcrack later and snuggling with my boy :)

2. I had a wonderful, wonderful weekend with parts of my clan and my friends from The Chalkman Pub in PA. There was food, drink, conversations, stories and laughter :)

3. A sudden bout of insomnia both nights this weekends made the days a little less fun. Despite having comfortable bedding and a dark place to sleep, both nights when I lay down, I could not fall asleep which was aggravating. Thank ghod for Tylenol PM. Better living through chemistry, yo.

4. My daughter has an amazing best friend. For the last 4 months Katie-bird has been working on a handmade quilt in honor of A's 16th birthday. She finished it on Friday and called to tell me about it on the drive up, she was so excited that to be able to give it to her this weekend. Unfortunately I wasn't going to be there to see it. She brough it by today. A sent me pictures (since I can't be home to see it before she's back at her Dad's for the next 2 weeks) and it is wonderful. It has little things that are about them, including lyrics from a couple of different songs. I cried to see the pictures of it. I'm so happy about how truly wonderful these girls are and how lucky they are to have each other.

5. I had a date night with my oldest daughter Widgeon, Friday before this one. We hit the movies and did a chick flick "The Holiday" with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. It was so much fun to have that time with just her, because I know in a couple of years she'll be off to college and we won't have the time we do now.

6. I spent date night with da' wife this last Tuesday [ profile] ani_moore taking a tribal bellydancing class. Not only did she treat me to the class, she also treated me to some girly eye candy glittery makeup in purple and gold. She also picked up some, and played with it this weekend, taking some incredible pictures after she was all dolled up. And at the dance class she was entranced with trying to make the Shimmy Fairy show up -- it's so much fun to be able to share one of my passions with her :)

7. I haven't played WoW all week, and surprisingly I've missed it ... *huh* Strange thing for this non-gamer girl to say

8. Last weeks eating and exercising went by the wayside. Not awful, not unrecoverable, but most definitely not really there. This week will be better.

9. Eh ... brain cramp, lost my train of thought ....

10. Stay warm, safe and dry, k?!
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Bellydance Superstars was awesome! I now have a new girl crush on a ATS dancer named Moria - amazing, amazing dancing, right up there with Rachel Brice. Fabulous everything, her expressions, her glances, that gorgeous back humuna, humuna, humuna. Had the best time with all my girls [ profile] ani_moore, [ profile] ladylyonesse, [ profile] mellyflori and of course my fabulous daughter Widgeon!

I'm currently in the middle of last minute prep for BR. I will be leaving this afternoon around 3:30 I hope and I'll be in DC all weekend. Should be reachable by the 'net - will have the cell phone of course if necessary.

Updates posted as I can.

Have a good weekend and play nice ... or not :)


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