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Love a daylight birth that started ~after~ my first cup of tea and was all done by the time the girls got out of school.

Welcome baby girl Annette!
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Happy International Midwives Day (and Cinco de Mayo!) to all the midwives out there.

To the midwives who helped me birth my children and kept me safe I am eternally grateful for all they did.

To the midwives I work with all over the DC metro area who help keep birth normal and give babies a beautiful start in the world. Thank you for inspiring me, sitting up with me (and clients) and keeping birth normal.

To the midwives everywhere who get up at all hours of the day and night and help babies in the world - may you have a day off soon!

Support (and hug) your local midwife today :)
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Thanks to [ profile] mokie_sassafras for this link from Birth Activist. It is a spanish commercial for a bed company called "Flex".

This video features a real homebirth as part of the commercial. Their slogan is “Tu cama, el lugar más importante del mundo,” or “Your bed, the most important place in the world.” .

Here's the link from YouTube ... I guess some folks might now want to view this at work. But it's well worth the view

I'm not saying homebirth has to be for everyone ... but it's nice to see it treated normally.
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When your at one (and awake for) 27 hours.

Welcome to the world Kadence!
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Sometimes when you're up at a late night birth (6pm to 4:30am last night) you notice the most interesting things.

Let me start by saying I think birth is beautiful..... it is also messy, hard, tiring work. But it's all beautiful the way it works.

Last nights client was like watching a living Picasso. Her body was this beautiful mixture of angles. Her overall body shape was rectangular, staight back, not much curve in the waist, staight down to the hips. Then there was her butt. It was a square. It was nicely shaped, but also angular. Her chest however were these beautiful perfectly round breasts. Her face was sort of v shaped and she had a very angular nose. And her hair was this beautiful cresceno of short ringlet curls down to her shoulders. And despite our best efforts, they kept escaping the elastics and falling into her face. She also had this small riot of freckles on her face which was quite the contrast to her pale skin.

Her husband was a great compliment to her looks. Not to tall, very dark hair and these amazing eyes. You could tell every time you looked at them he was completely besotted with her, and it conveyed in every look and in the way he touched her. He was one of the quieter partners I've seen, but he was very there with her.

The light of the room would change according to her needs, so the shadows were almost always changing. And in the small light of sconces above the fireplace, she brought forth their living masterpiece ... a beautiful baby girl named Maya.
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And this morning so were the babies. I got home last night after a pretty good weekend and spent some quality time with [ profile] lapsedagnostic. Of course I fell asleep early (10pm ish) which was grand, for a number of reasons, but most of all because the phone rand at 2:45am this morning.

So, this morning at 5:30am after a lovely short labor of about 3.5 hours, baby boy James Thomas came into world and into the arms of Mom and Dad. His older siblings were literally jumping for joy (on and off the bed) this morning when they got up.

Three & half hours later and a heartfelt "Thank you. God bless you both" it was home again.

Now, after 2 loads of laundry, paying bills and catching up on emails, it's nap time.
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Even when your day starts at 1:00 am. I went to cover a birth for another birth assistant. They are a lovely young couple.... a really self-possessed sweet gal of only 28 having her *4th* baby. They welcomed their son Cole into the world this morning at 4:25am. He had a lot to say about this new world ... starting right after his head came out, but the rest of him was still in! Mama, Papa, 2 sisters and 1 brother couldn't be happier.

And I made it home in time to take my girls to school.

Now, I sleep.
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I haven't listened to morning radio in awhile ... but I do listen to Mix 107.3 Jack Diamond in the Morning show. This morning I caught a snippet of the show and they were talking about "unassisted birth" that's is supposed to air at 5 tonight on Channel 7 ... and OMG, if my blood didn't boil and the misinformation and disrespect they showed for families. The lumped all families who choose an out of hospital option, even those with a qualified midwife as "crunchy granola" and a little "out there". And trust me, I"m being polite here, because it was much worse than that.

So, I did something that I rarely do -- after my work out today I came home and wrote the show a letter. I hope they will at least read it and think.

make with the click-y if you're interested in the letter )

I doubt it will make a difference, but I feel better anyway.
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Yesterday and into very, very early this morning I was privileged to attend the birth of my very overdue client. It was calm and quiet, puntuated by some very funny moments. Again I am amazed and humbled by the incredible strength of a laboring woman.

Baby Zoe Sophia arrived at 12:54am this morning into the arms of her overjoyed parents, weighing in at a healthy 8lbs 12oz. Welcome to the world baby girl :)

I arrived home sometime after 4am this morning and my saint of a husband took care of our own brood and let me get a little more sleep. There will be nappage to be had this afternoon.
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Last night I had a short, but sweet evening with a long distance friend and then ...murphy's law .... I was called away to a birth. The birth was short and sweet and straightforward. A beautiful bouncing baby boy arrived into the waiting arms of his parents at 8:36pm, weighing 7lbs 10oz. Was out of the birth center a bit before midnight.

For some reason, I still can't wake up though.
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That's when it's an early morning phone call from a client letting me know it's time for another baby to make it's entrance in the world.

Off to a birth .... y'all play nice.
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From Regis & Kelly this morning, for births in a hospital in New York:

Uncomplicated vaginal delivery: $10,000

C-section: $12 to $15,000

Complicated pregnancy: $287,000

What we charge at the birth center for a home or birth center birth, normal pregnancy, including labs & usually 1 ultrasound: $4800

And yet, a lot of insurance companies still don't cover this as an option....
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Two births, back to back. Two babies born *exactly* 5 hours apart, one a 4:04am and the other at 9:04am this morning. Two beautiful, bouncing baby boys. Welcome to the world Owen and welcome to the world Connor. May you both be blessed with long lives full of joy and wonder.

Cleaned every single inch of the birth center (front room, side room, jacuzzi room and kitchen. I'm exhilerated and exhausted at the same time. 12 hours of solid work on 2 hours sleep.
No sitter today though, which means no nap for me. Off to pick up my girls from school in 1 hour. I forsee pizza and movie tonight while I lie on the couch.

How was your day?
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The midwife who was to oversee my test this morning just called to say we'll have to postpone until next week. She went to the office Tuesday, got called to a birth Tues afternoon and just finally got back to her home at 2am this morning. We love our job - but the hours, not so much. We're rescheduling for next Thursday. More study time for me :)
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Goodnight you moonlight ladies
Rockabye sweet baby james
Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose
Wont you let me go down in my dreams
And rockabye sweet baby james

It was a lovely day for a birth - straightforward, sweet and short. And baby James joined his many siblings this afternoon at almost 2pm. Rush hour traffic did not suck and I made it home in time for dinner.

Tonight a sweet date with my hubby [ profile] lapsedagnostic and maybe an early bedtime .... ::waggles eyebrows::
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It's been a long time since I had a *llloooonnnnggggg* birth -- this weekend was my time. We were at the birth center at 1am Sat/Sun night. I left yesterday at 1pm - 36 hours into it. The baby was born at 3:34 yesterday afternoon and they all finally left the birth center at 9pm-ish.

I love me job, I do. But the hours? Sometimes they're not so fun.....
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especially when it starts at 2:30am. The same drill, a phone call, some dark stumbling into clothes, a dark foggy drive to a warm and wonderful home with a couple working very hard. She moans, he holds her and tells her "you're wonderul, your beautiful and I'm so proud of the work you're doing." She leans and stretches, moans and sighs and labors beautifully. She cries out, she trusts and at 6:52 this morning she said "I love you" to her new baby boy. Mother nature in her finest hour.

Welcome Griffin James, to this wonderful world.

(now off to bed for me .....)
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The birth went well today -- a new baby girl was welcomed into the world at 5:17pm early this evening. Everyone did beautifully.

Now I'm going to go fall over :)
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Pray it is a *short* birth, for both the momma and *me*
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In the past two days I've assisted to babies into the world and had a near miss with a lightening bolt. On the way to the birth July 4th, lightening struck a tree off 95 South about 50 feet from my car - it was so bright and so loud I was flash blinded for about 30 seconds and the *CRACK* accompanied it left my ears ringing for about 5 minutes. I didn't drive off the road, but it took a bit of control. That was on the way to my 4th of July baby.

Last night after only 90 minutes of sleep, I got called to another birth. Baby came about 3am ... I dropped into bed shortly after 6am this morning - and now I'm up ..


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