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Did another walk on the treadmill today. 1.75 miles in 35 minutes. Incline changes every 3 minutes. It was good.
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Walked for 40 minutes today. Treadmill - not long, not far, but it was uphill (on a changing incline) and I didn't stop.
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So - here I am ... the universe has been poking at me to get off my ass ... and of course, opportunity presents itself in a number of different forms ....

First it was [ profile] babymako pinging me in a late night conversation a few weeks ago and running a race with him. Which I committed to do. Then haven't done anything about it, until recently. Then it was going back and re-reading all my posts from my triathlon a year ago, and the journey I took to get there.

And then today - I got an email from Potomac River Running (which [ profile] lalartu introduced me to, I think) today for a 1 mile charity run. The Nearly Naked Mile which benefits burn victims and burned firefighters. 1 mile ... not that far ... and it appeals to my sense of whimsy. I don't have the body of a (thin) goddess ... but I do have a good body and I want to make it work for me again ....

So, in less than two weeks it looks like I'm going to run (in as little clothing as possible) for a mile in Reston. Widge is going to do it too ....

Open invite - anyone else want to do. Registration is here:

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So, after a little more than 6 month hiatus out of the pool - my coach dropped me a FB to let me know classes were back on. I missed last week because I was sick as a dog, but I went today and OOOOOOHHHHHH babeeeee, was it good :-)

We did a 200m warm up, and then worked various breast stroke techniques (arms and legs) for a 600/700m with quite a few breaks for instruction time, and then a 200m cool down (of which I only did 150) .... but added all up, I probably did 1200 meters! I am pleased.

Technique is off, cardio is off (but ok), and most of that should come back with regular time again. But if just felt so good.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to try a run.
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Since my walk today - I've had James Taylor's "Walkin' Man stuck in my head.

Logged 2.87 miles today - another trip to the post office and then over to the market to grab groceries. Including a full gallon of milk that made a fine weight to use for my bicep curls on the way home.

Little steps still lead to overall progress.
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Spent 45 minutes today hula dancing and then belly dancing :)

~hums~ "All she wants to do is dance, dance, dance......"
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I'm working towards my triathlon goal for the 30th. I skipped Monday's swim, but biked on Tuesday for 6 miles, swam yesterday for 1500 meters and ran/walked today for 2 miles. I feel .... optimistic.

Also, after doing laundry and not having anywhere to put things, I cleaned out my closet. I filled 2 bags full of clothes. Tried on a lot of things... found things I hadn't seen in awhile. Found a pair of stirrup pants hanging in the back .... OMGosh, really?! So *out*of*date*. Apparently I should schedule weeding out stuff on a more regular basis.

However, in the trying on things .... found things that fit now, that haven't fit in awhile.

Training and new eating habits, for the win!
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I started the 6 week basic training for the sprint triathlon I'm going to do in April 2010. After this will be the real athletic training for 12 to 14 weeks.

This is going sound weird ... but I'm excited.
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What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? Robert H. Schuller

You see ... there was this thing on TV about 2 weeks ago, and I was transfixed. It was an indoor "sprint" triathlon and it and the participants were all women who were around my age and all women who have struggled with their weight. Funny enough, the thing that popped into my head was "I could do that". Trust me, that wasn't what I expected my brain to say out loud.

Since then the seed has been growing and growing and apparently it's taken root. I am going to do the Angels Race Sprint Triathlon in Lynchburg, VA on Sunday, April 25, 2010. I've signed up for the Facebook group and will be watching the website for registration. I am going to train for the next few months, through the winter because honestly, I want to avoid my usual (but mild case) of seasonal affective disorder and I also want to avoid the holiday temptations (too much). Plus, I need something to work toward, and this is something I believe is entirely possible for me.

The sprint triathlon consists of a 300 meter swim, 15.5 mile bike, and 3.1 run. I have a fitness center close by that has an indoor pool. I own a treadmill and a bike. I think I might need one of those bike things that take the wheel off the ground so I can still practice indoors when the weather is too awful. But hey, Christmas is coming right?!

So, there you go, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and stating my intent. I'll most likely create a filter for it. I would love support, so if this sounds interesting to you, feel free to say so in the comments.

Off to go do more research :)
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I did something today I haven't done in a long time .... I rode my bike. To the market *uphill* about a 1/4 mile from here. I didn't get off and walk it, but I had to stop 3 times. And boy howdy do I feel it in my thighs. I think my bicycle seat needs readjustment because I couldn't extend my legs all the way, which if I recall, you're supposed to be able to do. Had to also plan my grocery shopping so that it fit in a backpack (it did).

But I did it and riding a bike came back to me, almost instantly, yay for muscle (and balance) memory.

The best part ... it was fun. Next week, longer ride.
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Today 2.5 miles on the treadmill. 375 calories
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Back to the treadmill. 2 miles, two times this week. 300 calories burned each time. It's a start.
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Nothing like a good run/walk up and down the nearest nature trail to clear away internal ick. I disturbed a few robins who looked askance at my intrusion into their meadow, an occasional dog defending the borders of their back yard, and one or two squirrels who high tailed it out of my way. My soundtrack this morning? ... the staccato beat of a woodpecker trying to conquer an obstinate knot in a tree and the bubbling of running water and the sound of my very out of breath self. But it felt good.

It's not much, but it's something.
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An entry in which I chat about exercise, weight issues and the state of my noggin )

So, here's the thing. I"m gonna journal about this, every day. All of it, the good, bad, ugly, not so ugly. And I'm going to put this in my other community [ profile] fast_together. If you interested in this filter, drop me a comment. I would love to have folks to write to, but if I only write for myself, that will be ok too.

I'm high

Jan. 10th, 2008 10:36 am
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I just finished working out not too long ago and I still have the endorphin rush that comes with it.

Lovin' me some Podfitness.
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So there's the first part which is mostly ...

the boring and healthy )

I'm leaving Friday for California to go on a cruise with my sister as a late 40th birthday present for me. The cruise leaves Saturday, and it's a 5 day. I'm am going to take my running shoes and 1 set of comfortable work out pants, so that I can walk or run around the ship. I'll find out if the have a weight room and try and get in a little lifting too - if only for 20 minutes or so a day. *But* I totally plan on having a few margaritas while I'm gone, hopefully served to me by a lovely cabana boy named Juan ... or Ryan ... or Chaz .... *grin* I have started to put together what I'm taking for the cruise - I found a fantastic swirly dress while out on date night with MLW [ profile] ani_moore last week, as well as a lacy, deep "v" front top to go dancing in. For the Captain's dinner I'm taking the gold dress I wore for Ani & Russ' vow renewal in Vegas, along with the fabulous sparkly shoes of doom. I'm just finally staring to get excited about it all. Internet access is tres expensive on board, so I probably won't be posting updates until I'm back in CA. Cell coverage will probably be sketchy too -- it will be strange to actually be almost completely out of contact for 5 days. Just look for the long haired chick in the deck chair with her book and maybe her Ipod .... Oh Yeah.

Today I have to catch up on some chores ... (bleh, anyone else want to pay the bills?!) and visit a client.

What's new with you?
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Now I have the Beatles song stuck in my head ... "It's getting better all the time ... better, better, better!". Updates are also on my community [ profile] fast_together. Drop by if so inclined.

Exercise day 3 and little accomplishments )
So, how are you all doing?
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Today I am drenched )

Now, I treat myself to a pedicure. Loves me some pretty toes
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I don't know if it's just the advent of yet another new year, but I seem to be in the getting stuff done mode. Granted, I have a ton of unfinished stuff - but picking one or two of them a day with the express purpose of knocking them off the "to do" list seems to be working.

This morning started with a trip into the school with my 1st grader. For the express purpose of helping her organize and clean her desk -- and it was an experience. How on earth do they fit so much stuff in there?! Anyway, in the process of pulling out all the papers, we unearthed an overdue library book and another class reader M swore up and down was here at home. I don't know if it's me, but I remember always having a clean desk - crayons in teh box, books and notebooks stacked on each other. Either my children are missing something genetic, or I haven't taught them the joys of being organized (I strongly suspect the latter of the two).

The rest of the morning consisted of getting the oil changed in the van -- starting the chicken in the crockpot -- Oh! The baked rigatoni from last night?! Delicious! Picked up my school books (but didn't actually get anything accomplished) and had a web cam lunch date with my LDR [ profile] belthazar_b. :)

Eating is still on track - got on the treadmill again today for 1.6 miles and I've only had 2 cigarettes so far today.

I need new icons -- I don't have a good one for how I'm feeling.


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