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This picture was taken by the fabulous [ profile] lalartu at Pennsic this year. It's me and my best friend [ profile] mamatata at the Petanque tournament.


Thank you Shawn :)
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My niece C gave birth to her son (my great-nephew ... or just 'nephew' to me) ..... Victor Jr. Sanchez was born this morning at 8:26am, weighing 9lbs 7oz and 20 inches long! Momma, Daddy and baby are all well. And our family, is just thrilled!

I'm so happy :)
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Thanks to those who got in touch with me, or otherwise whispered a good thought/prayer to the universe. The fires, while not out, have turned from the mountain that my Dad and Ta's parents live on.

Tonia's parents went home yesterday. I talked to them today for about a half hour and Diane said things looked pretty good, air quality was pretty good too. I called my Dad to let him know and he way very happy and I think plans to return to his home this evening!

I am so very, very grateful :-)
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Please keep my Dad and [ profile] mamatata's parents in your prayers. My dad and my other set of parents live in the same neighborhood, about 5 minutes walking distance at the top of a hill in Altadena, near La Canada. The fires are headed that way, and yesterday everyone that lives in the "meadows" was evacuated with only 10 minutes notice.

My Dad is staying with my mom in Pasadena. Ta's folks are with her sister further down in LA. They've lived in their respective homes for 35+ years. I'm really, really hoping they have homes to go back to.

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My cousin Ed is a long time teacher and practioner of marshal arts. In the last couple of years he's become involved with a group that teaches marshal arts to kids with disabilities ... this morning he sent me this.

I am so proud of him and so proud of the work he does. He's the guy with the super short military cut on the right. It's a long video, so you don't have to watch all of it ... but I just wanted to brag about this fine man with a wonderful, generous spirit.
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I just came back from an ice cold walk on the beach with my 8 year old daughter T. A far cry from yesterday's frolicing in nothing but long sleeves and bare feet. After last night's northerly blast the temp has dropped considerably making extended stays outside nearly impossible, but we ventured out anyway.

The surf has pounded the shore, and the tide is high today, forming shelves of sand along the shore. I felt the need to stir from the house and it's warmth, and to be truthful, avoid another game of "Mystery Date" *groan* I love my daughters, but it goes on and on and on and ... We walked out of the house towards the water into a flock of seagulls sitting on the beach. They weren't particulary thrilled with our company, but they didn't fly off, they just walked away. T nearly walked into a small pile of bird poop, which grossed her out - and we got into a conversation about why birds have to poop. Which lead to why everybody has to poop ('cause you get sick if you don't ... etc.) Then we watched a small group of sandpipers chase the receding water out to sea, grab their prey from the sand and run back up before the cold water got them. Which lead her to ask questions about the small crabs (no bigger than your fingernail) live in the sand.

As we walked and talked, we started to pick up treasures ... seagull feathers (32), seaweed pods (3), little crab skeletons (2), medium sized crab shell (1) - she's thrilled and can't wait to take them back to school and tell her teacher and friends about what we did this weekend. We talked about all the things we saw today that taught us about what lives here just from using our eyes... and I was amazed at how much I knew that I could tell her, teach her. In the last 2 days we've seen dolphins, seagulls, horseshoe crab shells, little crab skeletons, seaweed and mushrooms that grow in the sand.

Originally I'd thought about taking that walk alone - but I'm so glad I didn't. I would of missed a special moment with my T, missed the opportunity to share a walk on the beach ....
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Started incredibley early at 5:55am - the girls all went to the bathroom and then decided that since all the lights were on in the common room they should get up. Yeah, not so much... I shoo'ed them back to bed, but no one went back to sleep...including me. So, I decided if I was going to be up I would at least enjoy watching the sun rise over the ocean. I have pictures, but they're not loaded into the laptop yet. Needless to say, it was gorgeous... and as the sun peeked over the horizon I felt an anticipation and excitement I could not identify.

The rest of the day was amazingly low key, and included an afternoon nap in the sunshine. The turkey was *this big* and there were more side dishes than you could shake a stick at. There have been numerous games of "Sorry" and there are rumors of a poker game later tonight ...

Oh, and the internet connection? The house next door has an unsecured network with a decent range if you're sitting in the sunroom **score**.

Happy Turkey Day again my loves, my friends, my family - and Thank You.


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