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Those who know me, probably also know I'm 2nd generation German - so why would [ profile] make_your_move want to take a cooking class on German food? Because there was some new stuff I had done before :) Here is the menu for today:

Salatsauce (salad dressing)
Rouladen (stuffed, rolled beef)
Grüner Spargelsalat mit Kraütersauce (Asparagus w/ Herb Sauce)
Rodkraut/Rodkohl (Red Cabbage)
Sauerbraten (marinated beef)
Kartoffelklöße (Potato Dumplings)
German Apple Pudding cake
German Chocolate Cake

I've never actually made pretzels from scratch, so I asked the chef early if I could work on those. I had to wait a long time for them to rise (probably not that long, but it felt like it) I was a little nervous about dumping them in the water bath before baking them, but all was well. They came out yummy, but needed more salt.

I made the Shnitzel sauce (mushroom and cream sauce), I had a hand in the potato dumplings. And I made the apple pudding cake which was delightful and easy to make. Then we ate, and now I'm stuffed
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Fresh baked cookies and after that a round of freshly baked apple muffins ... and tonight I'm making pork loin (maybe with mustard sauce) and some roasted potatoes and cauliflower.
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Today's bargain of the day? 1.31 lbs of lean ground beef @ $4.89 a lb, *mis-marked* at 0.31lbs for $1.52. I looked but didn't see any others. Well, it's an inexpensive meal tonight. Yay!
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Being the Mom of 4, 3 of whom are under 10, our snacks consist of Chewies, Cheese Puffs, Wheat Thins with cheese from a can. I forget that I can have a real snack.

Today, it was inspired....

Red seedless grapes
Garlic stuffed olives
Delice de Bourgogne cheese on crackers.

Oh ....yeah.
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Then Strawberry-Banana muffins fresh from the oven while still in your PJ's (at noon). (yeah, there are some things about Spring Break with the kids that do not suck)
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strolling off to an afternoon sushi lunch with the hubby.
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I decided to go grocery shopping after my bellydancing date with my lovely wife [ profile] ani_moore and glowing-est [ profile] mellyflori ...

Ahhhh, what joy! The supermarket if virtually deserted at the hour. I picked up mostly everything I needed (okay, minus a few other things .. I didn't have a list ... what?!) There was no line, and no hurry to be home, or to pick up the kids. And mostly, it was quiet.

Also, it yielded me inspiration for meals - this afternoon's lunch was curried scallops .. and for dinner I will put under the broiler ...

Lamb chops marinated in Marsala, a wee bit of olive oil and garlic
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Curried scallops on a bed of freshly steamed spinach.


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