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My valentine's day present from [ profile] lapsedagnostic ... aren't they pretty?!

something to look forward to! something to look forward to!
My valentine's day present ..

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Today in the mail, I got a letter from K one of my (non biological) daughters. It made me cry, and laugh. This line in particular flattened me:

I attribute my pride in being female, completely & utterly to you. You are the ultimate example of a strong and beautiful woman. If I can be half as strong, intelligent and happy as you are then my life will be complete. Since I never had a big sister, you are the strong female I look up to.

Really, completely stunned.
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With all the craziness of the last few weeks, I was working on these little gems as teacher gifts. I got them all felted and finished last night, and the clasps sewn on this morning at a very early hour. Yay!


And here they are individually. (Click on them if you want to see them larger)

IMG_0150 IMG_0151 IMG_0153 IMG_0156 IMG_0158
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When you least expect them. I found this in my van last Tuesday night on the way out the door.

With a card that read "Always mine ... always yours". [ profile] lapsedagnostic when bowled over by the ensuing hugs shrugged and said "I'm not good at waiting or keeping secrets" ... and grinned.
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This weekend gets an "A" in my books! Among other things (in bullet points to be elaborated on in a bit):

*Great Big Sea on Friday night at the Warner was wonderful. I took my #1 and #2 daughters, my girlfriend's daughter and friend, my wife [ profile] ani_moore and my boyfriend [ profile] belthazar_b with me. I also got to see [ profile] mellyflori, [ profile] kfitzwarin and cutie-pie hubby of hers, [ profile] thatliardiego (who came and chewed deliciously on my neck) and numerous other friends. The only sad part was not getting to take [ profile] wilfulcait with me because that would of made my evening complete.

*We got stuff done around the house including the lawn and cleaning out our garage. My hard working husband [ profile] lapsedagnostic, da' boyfriend [ profile] belthazar_b and I busted our humps for hours but it was *totally* worth it. The garage has been swept, organized and has *gasp* floor space. It is a thing of beauty.

*Saturday night was ... well ... delicious. No, no details on that one :)

*I won 2 Ebay auctions for dresses that I plan on wearing in Vegas, baby in a couple of weeks - pretty things at affordable prices. w00t!

*Went to a wonderful birth yesterday! A lovely baby boy named Jonah Spence was born weighing in at 9lbs. Was home before dinner

*My flower beds got planted by B and my girls - there will be flowers again this summer. Yay!!!!

*Went out to dinner and saw "300" with B. Had a delightful evening.
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It was a good Christmas all in all. Details for the curious and interested )

Last night I was a very lucky girl and had a double date -- with da' wife [ profile] ani_moore and [ profile] wilfulcait and extra added bonus time with [ profile] autox323is. Yanked all the tribal dance stuff out of the closet and sewing room. Plotting, planning and dance classes are in the offing for the new year and projects will be worked on over the weekend.

Looking forward to the weekend and the ringing in the new year with family, loves and friends.
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Three or so weeks ago, the beautiful and talented [ profile] wilfulcait made me a Beautiful Thing ... a small purse to be exact, crocheted out of recycled sari silk. Big enough to hold my ID and perhaps a cell phone of small size. I have searched and searched for just the right button/bead for to close with and found the right one this last weekend at Beadazzled. Tonight I sewed it on and it is just purr-fect.

Thank you [ profile] wilfulcait!


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