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PMS sucks. Cranky week, not losing weight, struggling with triathlon training. Irritable, tired and unmotivated.

Then the happy - thank you [ profile] divinerose for sending me sunshine in the mail today. They fit!
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I'm working towards my triathlon goal for the 30th. I skipped Monday's swim, but biked on Tuesday for 6 miles, swam yesterday for 1500 meters and ran/walked today for 2 miles. I feel .... optimistic.

Also, after doing laundry and not having anywhere to put things, I cleaned out my closet. I filled 2 bags full of clothes. Tried on a lot of things... found things I hadn't seen in awhile. Found a pair of stirrup pants hanging in the back .... OMGosh, really?! So *out*of*date*. Apparently I should schedule weeding out stuff on a more regular basis.

However, in the trying on things .... found things that fit now, that haven't fit in awhile.

Training and new eating habits, for the win!
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I came downstairs this morning to find my daughter T perched on the back of the chair by the window eating her Toaster Streudel and looking out the window. "It looks like the trees came out of a Christmas postcard .... it so pretty".
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Yay! I just Skyped with the Widge. I love being able to see my girlie's face when we chat. I'm the happy :)

*Grrrr* - the audio book I've been listening to - obtained from the fabulous [ profile] mellyflori apparently didn't download all the way, and I'm missing the last few chapters of the book. Now I need to either purchase it, or borrow it from the library to finish it.
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Today in the mail, I got a letter from K one of my (non biological) daughters. It made me cry, and laugh. This line in particular flattened me:

I attribute my pride in being female, completely & utterly to you. You are the ultimate example of a strong and beautiful woman. If I can be half as strong, intelligent and happy as you are then my life will be complete. Since I never had a big sister, you are the strong female I look up to.

Really, completely stunned.
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After 5 days of a feverish, listless girlie .... She woke up this morning fever free and a raging appetite. I'm quite pleased. Both because she is better, and I seem to be immune.
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You don't really appreciate the air conditioning, until you come in from spending 90 minutes in the garage. Camping boxes: found, reorganize, closed.

Boy am I going to miss the A/C if it turns out to be warmer than expected at War. Guess it'll make me appreciate the shade trees you find along the way :-)
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[ profile] lapsedagnostic and I split the weekends so that one of us always gets a sleep-in morning. I get Saturdays and he gets Sundays. And, a lot of the time, for one reason or another, we end up getting up about 1/2 the time to do stuff, usually with the kids .... So, this morning he gets up to take T to a chess tournament and tells the 2 youngest not to come get me to until 10 (which just doesn't happen most of the time.... really they're 8 and 7 - but they do try). Except for this morning.

This morning I woke up slighty before 9 - picked up the newest Anita Blake book Blood Noir which I started last night. I read in the quiet of the morning until the first hand on the doorknob at 9:45. Shortly after, my prom-going Widgeon came and snuggled me in bed. A little while later she brought me tea and a bagel w/ salmon & cream cheese and I finished my book at 11:10.

What a decadent morning, and a lovely way to start a really busy day. Yay!
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The end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008 was spent surrounded by my friends, loves and extended family. I've been so embarrassed by the constant disarray of my house that I'd let it keep me from inviting my friends and family over. But by late Monday afternoon the house was filled with the smell of Cider Beef Stew and in that kitchen enjoying that aroma were my friends and family ...filling the house with warmth, laughter and love. bursting out with big grins Then there was *more* food and some drinks and music and games.

Last year was one of the hardest years I've ever had, but I am grateful for all it taught me and brought me. My new year's resolution is to be open to the things this year has to offer and teach. And while I'd like to keep a neater house ... I won't let that prevent me from having folks over to share smiles and warmth and love.

Happy 2008!
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Merry Christmas, Blessed Solstice, Happy Hannukah or whatever it is you celebrate. Thank you for being a part of my life this year ;-)
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Today I haven't spoken to another person, save [ profile] lapsedagnostic and my children. I exercised and watched "Sicko" by Michael Moore pondering why we don't have better medical care in our country. What communication I have done has been via email or LJ. There is no music in the background, no TV and the only audible noise is that of the refrigerator and the fan on my laptop.

I am by nature an extrovert. If you give me the choice between company or solitude - 93% of the time, I'll choose company. But there are days (and apparently this is one) where what I need most is just quiet. Quiet in my house, quiet in life, quiet in my head ... even for just a few hours. I didn't plan on it, but apparently that was today's gift to me, and I will receive it with gratitude.
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It's the day before Thanksgiving. The kids are off to school for just a couple of hours before the long weekend. Friday we all get to stay home, even [ profile] lapsedagnostic! This morning I woke obscenely early and finally gave up the ghost of sleep and got up after tossing and turning for a 1/2 hour.

Today there will be cooking, Rodkraut (sweet/sour red cabbage, a family recipe), baking (Apple-Kiwi pie), cleaning and time to reflect on the tremendous bounty in my life.

I am thankful for:

My husband, my marriage and all of our wonderful, happy, healthy girls
My family near and far
My partners, Ani, Russ, B and Steve.
My home which is warm and wonderful and fabulously full
My clan who are the most generous and loving folks ever
My job which affords me the opportunity to watch a miracle and make a difference in peoples lives

And .... *you* my friends. Thank you for everything..... for every touch, phone call, letter or email that happened this year. Near or far, close or not so much, your presence in my life has made me realize how truly rich I am.

Happy Thanksgiving!

So happy

Nov. 17th, 2007 05:51 pm
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I am sitting here at S & C's with all of my clan and am absolutely tickled pink, happy to my toes. Life is good :)
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I would take my sewing machine, table and all it's assorted bits outside to the yard. It is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous outside today. I'm going to take every excuse I can to go out and soak up the sunshine in between chores.
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This is the first Mother's Day in 16 years that I haven't been home with the kids during the day. We got home late last night and here's what I found.....


I am truly lucky and blessed with our 4 completely amazing, wonderful girls.
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When you least expect them. I found this in my van last Tuesday night on the way out the door.

With a card that read "Always mine ... always yours". [ profile] lapsedagnostic when bowled over by the ensuing hugs shrugged and said "I'm not good at waiting or keeping secrets" ... and grinned.
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This weekend gets an "A" in my books! Among other things (in bullet points to be elaborated on in a bit):

*Great Big Sea on Friday night at the Warner was wonderful. I took my #1 and #2 daughters, my girlfriend's daughter and friend, my wife [ profile] ani_moore and my boyfriend [ profile] belthazar_b with me. I also got to see [ profile] mellyflori, [ profile] kfitzwarin and cutie-pie hubby of hers, [ profile] thatliardiego (who came and chewed deliciously on my neck) and numerous other friends. The only sad part was not getting to take [ profile] wilfulcait with me because that would of made my evening complete.

*We got stuff done around the house including the lawn and cleaning out our garage. My hard working husband [ profile] lapsedagnostic, da' boyfriend [ profile] belthazar_b and I busted our humps for hours but it was *totally* worth it. The garage has been swept, organized and has *gasp* floor space. It is a thing of beauty.

*Saturday night was ... well ... delicious. No, no details on that one :)

*I won 2 Ebay auctions for dresses that I plan on wearing in Vegas, baby in a couple of weeks - pretty things at affordable prices. w00t!

*Went to a wonderful birth yesterday! A lovely baby boy named Jonah Spence was born weighing in at 9lbs. Was home before dinner

*My flower beds got planted by B and my girls - there will be flowers again this summer. Yay!!!!

*Went out to dinner and saw "300" with B. Had a delightful evening.
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1. I'm currently snowed in in WV with [ profile] belthazar_b. I will, if all goes well, be home sometime tomorrow, but the weather is bad enough that: a) I couldn't get off of the hill where B lives with a front wheel drive Toyota Corolla and passable tires, and b)he barely made it down the hill with a better car and snow tires, this is *after* we passed at least 2 accidents in Morgantown proper, and c) even if I could of gotten out of here the warnings of continued snow and ice made me slightly wary of driving almost 4 hours and getting stuck in the dark in bad-ass weather. This isn't what I'd planned, but at least I'm not going to worry my loved ones. Anyway, there's pizza, football and Warcrack later and snuggling with my boy :)

2. I had a wonderful, wonderful weekend with parts of my clan and my friends from The Chalkman Pub in PA. There was food, drink, conversations, stories and laughter :)

3. A sudden bout of insomnia both nights this weekends made the days a little less fun. Despite having comfortable bedding and a dark place to sleep, both nights when I lay down, I could not fall asleep which was aggravating. Thank ghod for Tylenol PM. Better living through chemistry, yo.

4. My daughter has an amazing best friend. For the last 4 months Katie-bird has been working on a handmade quilt in honor of A's 16th birthday. She finished it on Friday and called to tell me about it on the drive up, she was so excited that to be able to give it to her this weekend. Unfortunately I wasn't going to be there to see it. She brough it by today. A sent me pictures (since I can't be home to see it before she's back at her Dad's for the next 2 weeks) and it is wonderful. It has little things that are about them, including lyrics from a couple of different songs. I cried to see the pictures of it. I'm so happy about how truly wonderful these girls are and how lucky they are to have each other.

5. I had a date night with my oldest daughter Widgeon, Friday before this one. We hit the movies and did a chick flick "The Holiday" with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. It was so much fun to have that time with just her, because I know in a couple of years she'll be off to college and we won't have the time we do now.

6. I spent date night with da' wife this last Tuesday [ profile] ani_moore taking a tribal bellydancing class. Not only did she treat me to the class, she also treated me to some girly eye candy glittery makeup in purple and gold. She also picked up some, and played with it this weekend, taking some incredible pictures after she was all dolled up. And at the dance class she was entranced with trying to make the Shimmy Fairy show up -- it's so much fun to be able to share one of my passions with her :)

7. I haven't played WoW all week, and surprisingly I've missed it ... *huh* Strange thing for this non-gamer girl to say

8. Last weeks eating and exercising went by the wayside. Not awful, not unrecoverable, but most definitely not really there. This week will be better.

9. Eh ... brain cramp, lost my train of thought ....

10. Stay warm, safe and dry, k?!
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It was a good Christmas all in all. Details for the curious and interested )

Last night I was a very lucky girl and had a double date -- with da' wife [ profile] ani_moore and [ profile] wilfulcait and extra added bonus time with [ profile] autox323is. Yanked all the tribal dance stuff out of the closet and sewing room. Plotting, planning and dance classes are in the offing for the new year and projects will be worked on over the weekend.

Looking forward to the weekend and the ringing in the new year with family, loves and friends.
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Yesterday was spectacular ... I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 18 people and everyone had a great time and was stuffed to the gills with food - it was pretty wonderful ... the only sad part was my father in law took ill, and he and Mom could not make it up for dinner yesterday *sigh*

I was surrround by love and family though, who made it all possible -- thanks to [ profile] wilfulcait, [ profile] autox323is, [ profile] cussata, [ profile] lalartu, [ profile] kfitzwarin & her hubby and family, my lovely wife [ profile] ani_moore, my devilish boyfriend [ profile] russell_moore, and most of all my hubby [ profile] lapsedagnostic and my daughter A who cleaned, cooked, washed and prepped and kept me going :)

Today [ profile] lapsedagnostic and I have done the needful for the outside of the house. We have:

*gotten on the roof and cleaned out all the gutters, top and bottom (and it was disgusting in some parts!)
*mowed the lawn
*blew all the leaves out of the yard and lawn and back deck with the blower
*played multiple card games with small children
*delivered the teenager to her date with da' boyfriend
*done dishes

Now a shower and then dinner and then WoW crack with my hubby and my other boyfriend [ profile] belthazar_b.

It's a good life.


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