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PSA - for local VA/MD/DC are folks ...

GREAT BIG SEA is doing their "XX" tour and coming back to DC on April 17th. Tickets go on sale tomorrow on their website!!!

So excited :)
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And please let the rain hold off...

Remember that the life we share ... ain't nuthin' but a song :)

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A couple of folks that were going with us to the Great Big Sea show at Wolftrap - had to cancel. That means I have 3 extra tickets.

Lawn seating - $25 tickets -- with handling charge it was $28.

If you're interested, drop me a line, or give me a call if you have my number.
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Public Service Announcement

Great Big Sea is coming back to Wolf Trap on Aug. 21st. Tickets are on sale for members from the website. I bought mine. We'll be sitting on the lawn when we're not dancing :)
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Great Big Sea is coming back to Wolf Trap on Friday, August 21st. We're going to do the lawn again for this trip as well. Presale for members of their website is Monday at 11am!

Who's going to make it?

YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Going to see them tonight! Yayy!!!!!!


Oct. 23rd, 2008 03:44 pm
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Sold the 2 tickets to Great Big Sea! Yay!

Can't wait to see them on Saturday night :-)
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Have 3 for sale as published from this morning. They play this Saturday in Baltimore at 7:30pm. Tix are $33.00.

Leave a comment.
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Great Big Sea will be at Wolf Trap on Friday. I'll be there with lots of my favorites peeps ... my girlies, Belthazar, Ani, Amy, Rhy & Steve on the lawn with a comfy blanket, a cool drink and some yummy noshies.

Weather says it should be a perfectly lovely day and evening. Is it Friday yet?!
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Listening to the new Great Big Sea CD - Fortune's Favour that arrived in the mail yesterday.

Oh yeah.......
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My lovely [ profile] camperamy recently sent me links for GBS at the Shamrock Fest in DC two weeks ago that I had to miss *WAH!*. In the course of watching those, I stumbled across these clips from their recent music cruise "Ships & Dips III" in Jan. Both are Alan singing acapella. Gosh I love that man and that band!

Here's "Boston & Saint John's"

And this is a song from the new album Fortune's Favor ....(hopefully coming out this year)

I think this second one is going to be a favorite too.
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First off, I totally blame and am forever grateful to [profile] mellyflori for handing me 2 of their CD's a few years ago and saying "You'll really like these guys".  Furthermore I must again blame both [profile] mellyflori and [profile] wilfulcait  for calling me 2 years ago and offering me a chance to see them live at the 9:30 club (on St. Paddy's Day no less!) and totally turn me into a fangirl.  As it's been said of the band, "They are not something you see, they're something you experience.   And , oh and a picture

OMG!!!!  They so rocked ... I have pictures here .  I uploaded 5 pictures, but I can't seem to get them all in the same gallery (at some point, someone needs to help me learn to deal with managing that thing.  Oh, fuck it, here's a picture from 2nd encore. the very last song, sang acapella, w/o mikes and you could of heard a pin drop.
Curtain Call Curtain Call
Singing "Old Brown's Daughter" from the left Murray, Bob, Alan, Sean and Chris

I sang, I danced, I jumped up and down.  I shared the evening with some of my favorite people lapsedagnostic, my daughter A, her friend C, ani_moore, russell_moore, pyrategrrl, my friend Sue, mellyflori, wilfulcait, Cait's mom & daughters, svandevander, kfitzwarin.  My new friends ipso_facto, mydwinter, lusciousmango  to name a few.  Not only that -- I ran into a bunch of other friends that I had no idea were GBS  fans.  I couldn't of been happier.

A bit on the down side the sound mixing sucked :(  -- Not the boys, they sounded great ... but the sound guy needed to soundly  beaten with  a stick.   All the acapella stuff they did was gorgeous, and the acoustics in the hall are such that they didn't need mic's.  The sound mixing wasn't as much of an issue for me, because I pretty know every song they've done, but if you didn't know their stuff, it was hard to hear the words and affected the enjoyment of my peeps.  Oh, and the hall could of been cooler -- but otherwise I was pretty much stupid happy.

For my Boston friends - *cough*[personal profile] liamstliam*cough* - you are in for a real treat.  If you're up there and can tickets ... GO, you won't regret it.  My only regret ... I wish I could fly into Kitchner one evening early, May 4th to see GBS  before attending the wedding (across the provence) of [personal profile] much_ado & [profile] matthew_g.   So my northern friends ... if you have time in your week, go grab the show in Kitchner and then tell me about it when we get there on Friday.

Bought the DVD *worth*every*penny* -- want to do it again right now.

Happy Fangirl Squee


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