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I did it! I replace the hideous old fixtures with something much nicer. Look!

IMG_0004 IMG_0005

Oh ... the sign is latin ... anyone figure out what it says?
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What I love about IKEA products, particularly their small bookcases..... that you can put them together in less than an hour and feel like your really accomplished something.

New small bookcase assembled and put in appropriate room? Check.
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First I calle "My Plumber" because their number was on the front page of the phone book. They didn't have a human answering (that should of been clue #1) but I waited and had a call like this:

Idiot Plumbing Place: Hi ... how can we help you.

Me: I just had a toliet on my main floor overflow and now I've discovered it's coming through the ceiling and I don't know if it's from the water that was on the floor or if I have a more extensive problem.

IPP: Well, we can make an appt for you for some time tomorrow

Me: But you advertise same day service. Can I get someone today?

IPP: Well, that's only if you call before 12 noon. All our priority slots are filled for today.

Me: There is water coming through my ceiling - don't you consider that a priority?!?

IPP: I told you, all our priority spots are filled for today.

Me: Well, I guess than I'll have to call and find someone who will come today because this leak can't wait.

IPP: Thanks for calling, have a nice day.

*ARRGGHHHHH* How the hell do you advertise "same day emergency service" and then not mention that it only applies if your emergency is before fucking noon?!?!?????!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I called Woodbridge Plumbing (they did have a human answering the phone) and not only was she very nice - she said they could get someone to me in between 3pm and 6pm. And at 3:15 pm, they were at my front door. Yay!!!!!!!!!!

So the upshot is, there is nothing under the floor leaking and the continual leaking from the toliet was coming from the washer/bolts that hold the tank to the toliet. They had deteriorated after years of being in the water.

There's now a small hole in the ceiling to drain and dry the rest of the water and it looks like I'll be getting some drywall spackle for this weekend.
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Stupid home ownership ... stupid overflowing toliet.

Now there's a leak in my basement bedroom ceiling coming at a constants drip and I don't know if I have f*cked up pipes or not.

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Jiggity jig. Arrived home safe after a week at the beach. It was wonderful, it was needed, it was short. I wanted to come home, but I was not yet ready to leave the beach.

Now the "to market, to market .. " part to get fixin's for dinner.

How was your week?
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Damn, when I'm in get-shit-done mode, I get a lot done.

*made bacon and eggs for brekkies ~yum~
*did dishes and pans
*exercised outside for a long walk in the cold, it was good and I was all hot and sweaty
*washed hair (yes, that's an accomplishment somedays when you're hair is this length!)
*started dinner in the crockpot for the family
*3 loads of laundry
*stripped and made bed (more laundry)
*paid bills
*made client appointments
*tidy'd up little bits here and there
*kept up with y'all!
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Has anyone out there replaced their entire toliet? How hard is it? Sealing, and so forth and so on. Any help/pointers/etc. is appreciated. Rather not pay a plumber if I can avoid it.
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And for my totally ADD moment of the day ... the girls and I were in the process of putting away laundry and I suggested they make the bed so they had a clean place to put the laundry. Which lead to changing the sheets on the bed before they were made. That lead to going through the closet to find room to hang stuff. Which then lead to going through all of their drawers to sort out, throw out, give away and then refold the and put back in the drawers the stuff that stays. The benefit? Knowing what they need (clothing wise) so we can do some inexpensive back-to-school shopping at the local thrift store.

Two and a half bags of donations in the hall then lead to a serendipitous call from the National Childrens Center asking me if I had anything to donate. Yay! Their truck comes next week Thursday and off it will happily go :)

Home safe

Aug. 13th, 2007 09:39 am
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I arrived home safely last night. Pennsic was grand - more ups than downs - too tired to post about that now. Now begins the massive job of unpacking, washing, sorting and putting away.

So tell me .... what is new with you? (links to important journal entries greatly appreciated by the tired girl)
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Has anyone here on my list done their own home remodeling. A kitchen, in particular. Was it worth the price you saved going to a contractor? Tell me all the gory details.
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So, the power works completely now -- and I have been appropriately caffinated *yay*. Turns out that sometime ago the cable company nicked a power line that feeds into the house and it has been slowly deteriorating and went wonky this morning.

Now I'm just waiting for the water heater to heat back up :)
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Shortly after I posted last, Dominon VA Power showed up unannounced at my door to ask if I was having problems with the power -- they are outside now working some voodoo magic and hopefully all will be restored soon. Power will be going on and off while they work, so I'm posting fast.

Wish them luck -- I need my caffeine!
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This morning after I woke T up, she pointed out their alarm clock needed reset. So we go to turn on the light and it was dim .. so I thought perhaps we'd had a power outage in the night and lost a light bulb or two ... 'cept no ... all the bulbs were functioning, but at half the power. Turn on lights in other rooms in the house -- our room: full power, middle bathroom: half power, girls room half power - Kitchen: half power and none of the appliances are working. Note from teenage daughter - Mom, Stove isn't working, microwave is barely functioning. Love you, Widg Family room: full power - Dining/Living rooms: half power -- it's totally bizarre, it's like the middle part of my house is in some dim Twilight Zone. We had to bring the toaster in the family room to make some semblence of breakfast *hmph*

So, I have a call into the electrician who is due here in the next hour or so....

Also, lack of kitchen appliances means I haven't had tea yet *grrrrr*
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but my front porch is only half strung, and no one seems to have this particular brand of lights - but since I've already purchased 3 boxes and [ profile] belthazar_b found me two more in W.V.- I don't want to switch brands. All the Lowes seem to be out of them ... I've called 1/2 dozen stores.

I am looking for a GE brand of Icicle Lights - the Lowe's SKU number is #20221 - I need one, maybe 2 more boxes.

If you could help me out, you'd have my eternal gratitiude ... and perhaps some homemade cookies :)
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It's the sound of money going down the drain. We had to get a new water heater today to fix some various plumbing issues.

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Yesterday was spectacular ... I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 18 people and everyone had a great time and was stuffed to the gills with food - it was pretty wonderful ... the only sad part was my father in law took ill, and he and Mom could not make it up for dinner yesterday *sigh*

I was surrround by love and family though, who made it all possible -- thanks to [ profile] wilfulcait, [ profile] autox323is, [ profile] cussata, [ profile] lalartu, [ profile] kfitzwarin & her hubby and family, my lovely wife [ profile] ani_moore, my devilish boyfriend [ profile] russell_moore, and most of all my hubby [ profile] lapsedagnostic and my daughter A who cleaned, cooked, washed and prepped and kept me going :)

Today [ profile] lapsedagnostic and I have done the needful for the outside of the house. We have:

*gotten on the roof and cleaned out all the gutters, top and bottom (and it was disgusting in some parts!)
*mowed the lawn
*blew all the leaves out of the yard and lawn and back deck with the blower
*played multiple card games with small children
*delivered the teenager to her date with da' boyfriend
*done dishes

Now a shower and then dinner and then WoW crack with my hubby and my other boyfriend [ profile] belthazar_b.

It's a good life.
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Today we have:

*donated 3 bags to charity
*done 3 loads of laundry
*cleaned the family room
*cleaned the kitchen counters and swept the floor
*tidied up the living room
*tidied up the dining room
*mowed the frikkin' lawn
*caught up on Studio 60 (I love this show!)

phew tired now ...

MMMmmmm .... shower .....
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My oldest daughter A spilled some turpentine on her jeans yesterday at work. After multiple washing, including one with ammonia, they still reek of the solvent smell. I've soaked them as well to no success.

Any recommendations anyone? Bueller?
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After escaping our hot house this weekend and heading over to a Clan weekend at [ profile] lalartu & [ profile] cussata's house - the A/C guy just showed. And, I am thankful for the small miracle that it was a bad contactor and not a bad unit altogether. It's fixed for less than $350 Yayyyayyyy!

It will take 6 to 8 hours to bring the house down from 90+ degrees to a comfortable 75 or so, but it's working :)
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I've been warm all day ... my A/C has f*cking died -- inside unit blowing air - outside unit not running. Soonest they can get here .. Monday, unless I want to foot the "emergency" cost to the tune of $200 just for the diagnosis.

F*ckity, f*ck, f*ck, F*CK!


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