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1. I read Cait's journal today because I miss her. In it I found something Melly and I had been searching for (for a few weeks). It made me laugh. It made me cry. They're both good things. Now it's safely tucked away in a memory, so I know where to find it again.

2. I read something a friend of mine wrote today - it was funny, it was sad. I'm sensing there might be a theme here today.

3. My house is getting less cluttered and cleaner little bits at a time. I'm not sure why now is the time, but apparently it is, so I'm just going with it. I'm looking to rid myself of the fluff and keep/use the things that are loved. I may post some things here in my journal, I may discover the wild's of Craigslist, but one way or another, things are leaving this house.

4. I keep day dreaming spring, and events and Pennsic. Slowly I'm finding concrete ways of trying to hasten them along. This weekend it was the Home & Garden Show, spent in the good company of my lovely wife Ani. There was little in the way of true inspiration for the garden, but seeing and smelling the flowers there, helped me remember that Winter is making it's way out and soon. Today I may go work with wood and make things for camp. Maybe I'll paint. I just feel like getting my hands into something.

5. This weekend, when I was upset and feeling anxious I screwed up my courage and asked for what I needed. Which, in this case, was just for my fantastic hubby to put his arms around me and snuggle me. Within the space of 5 minutes, my heart rate had gone down, and I felt more centered and grounded again. We didn't talk, we just finished watching one of my favorite travel shows and then we went on with the rest of our Sunday. Last night, we unexpectedly had some prime-time-not-publishable-in-print time too. They are both wonderful. He's wondeful and I'm a lucky gal.

6. My garden for the last few years has had an orange/yellow/pinkish theme to it. Bored with that now. Want something different. Any suggestions? BTW, any suggestions need to be at the Gardening for Dummies level because I'm not good at figuring out which plants go with other plants. For informational purposes, I have a full South facing house. Which means that in the summer, I get full sun, *all*day*long*. So they need to be sun loving and drought tolerant to a certain extent (because I can be hit or miss on the watering concept).

7. Miss my friends - miss getting together with my friends. Need to fix that. Need a clan weekend with my SCA family.

8. Is there a laundry fairy? Because I'm losing my zen when it comes to that particular chore.

9. Chistine Lavin still rocks my socks 15 years after hearing her music for the first time. Saw her at the Birchmere Saturday night with da' hubby and laughed and cried and had a fantastic evening.

10. Bellydancing tonight. I hope I come away from it sore again. I love this teacher and the way she challenges me and my body.
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By a professor at Carnegie Mellon, Randy Pausch. Listen to the whole speech if you have the time, but if you don't listen to Part 4. [ profile] arnora_d you'll probably find this very interesting.
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So, in talking with the Wife last night over sewing and stuff, a well used analogy came flying out of my mouth...

When all you have is a hammer .... )

So, here I am, looking at my tools and realizing that not every problem is a nail and perhaps what I need is a refresher course and reintroduction to the other things in the box at my feet that I haven't looked at. At least that is what I'm working towards now.
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After all the worry that went into it ... last night's presentation was pretty good. Their were about 25 or so folks there, including two pregnant couples in the lifestyle who both came up to me afterwards *thrilled* that I had given the class. Only one person in the audience fell asleep, and it was a single guy who looked very much like he hadn't checked the calendar regarding the topic of the presentation ... I give him credit though, he didn't get up and leave . Really though, if those two couple were the only folks that got anything out of it, it was worth teaching the class. But a bunch of folks said it they got good info out of it, and Chris M has asked me to think about writing it up for the BR newsletter. It makes me grateful .. and happy ...

Thank you to my friends who showed up to give me support, it meant the world to me to have your smiling faces there. Particular thanks to my lovely wife (MLW) [ profile] ani_moore and [ profile] makeplayhappen who helped me stay calm and sane, carried my stuff, and toasted me afterwards.

Oh, and [ profile] gsh thanks for the cookie crack :) I haven't yet busted open the bag.
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A time comes in your life when you finally get it )

I'm planning on printing this out and taping it to my mirror and doors.


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