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So - for those who are following, this is lesson 31 - the last in the "31 Basic Life Skills in 31 Days".

Today's lesson runs along the same line as getting organized - here is A place for Everything & Everything in its place )
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Today's article is one I certainly need to pay more attention to. I haven't been managing my stress all that well, and it's really showing up in some physical manifestations I'm not happy with. Stress affects my patience (in a big way), my weight, my sleep .... And if I wait too long to take time for me, I become mono-focused on it, and then forget something and then feel guilty about that. Which makes me think that I need to go back to one of the first life skill articles "Creating a weekly plan".

Here are some ideas for How to Manage Stress )
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Today's lesson How to Iron your Trousers )
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So, after a brief hiatus of being very busy today we return to our life skills series and things that everyone should know.

Today is How to Jump Start a Car )
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No, I'm not talking about Christmas (not yet at least!) ...

Today we head out to the grocery store..... How to grocery shop )
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California was too busy with stuff to post. Now that I'm home though, it's time for the return of my repostings of the life skills/lessons. Don't miss this one - it's *really* good....

Today lesson 15 Maxims for being a reliable person )
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One of the best things we can do for ourselves and our bodies is to establish and and stick to an exercise routine. The best advice for when I was exercising is find something you love and make it a habit - and after you get into the habit of doing what you love - it's easier to slip new exercises and things into your routine and it breaks up the boredom.

For your life skills today - Establish an Exercise Routine )
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Today's article is how to be a smart shopper/savvy consumer. Good lesson to have because nothing seems to be getting cheaper. I grew up relatively low middle class/poor-ish, but what we had was nice and when we got something big (like a TV) it was because we saved for it and it was ON SALE.

When you're out shopping - learn how to see through the hyped up advertising, know when to ask for a better price, or negotiate for one. Research the big purchases and don't get suckered in by unnecessary "add on's".....

Find out How to be a Savvy Consumer )
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Today's skill is How to iron a dress shirt )
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A little late in the game today ....

Can you be comfortable chatting up a room?

Here is How to Make Small Talk )
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I love a home cooked meal. Growing up - we only ate out on special occasions. I spent plenty of time in the kitchen growing up, washing and drying dishes, helping with meal prep, but not actually doing much cooking. I taught myself most of what I know the first year I was married to my first husband.

But I'll tell you - I love and appreciate when someone (else) cooks. [ profile] lapsedagnostic taught me the joy of the one pot wonder meal. [ profile] belthazar_b does wonderful things with venison ..... sometimes nothing is better than a well made grilled cheese :) - and so today's skill is Kitchen Basics )
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In most cases, it's very helpful to have your own set of wheels. Granted, living in (or close to) a bigger city like DC means we have a pretty great metro, rail and bus system to get around with. But you can't get *everywhere* on them, and sometimes you just have to get out of the city/suburbs/where you live.

If you own a car - you need to do some regular things to keep in running in tip-top shape. Today we learn Maintaining your Car )
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Today's lesson is both money saving and sanity saving. Sometimes there is nothing worse then hearing the constant run of water - or in this case a running toilet. Not only is the sound maddening, it's also you money literally running down the drain. Once we left the house for a vacation, having everyone use the bathroom before we left and didn't stay around to make sure the the toilet had stopped running - a week later and gallons of water down the drain, we had a hellacious water bill!

Since we've owned our home, I've had to repair almost every one of them in the house (we have 4) - so it's worth it to know how to do it and save yourself the money, rather than give it to a plumber. Save the professionals for the big jobs. Here is Fix a running toilet )
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I didn't actually find my first place to live on my own, until after I had been married and then separated. I lucked out with a sub-let, and didn't know how to budget, but made it work. Here' is a good guide Renting Your First Apartment )
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Today's life skill is on the thing I think makes the world a much nicer place, etiquette. Some people call them manners. It is not a thing of the past and it's a skill everyone can practice - men, women and children.

I remember being at the supermarket with the girls when they were all still very young. T was about 5, M was about 3 1/2 and S was about 2 ... We're walking down the frozen section of the supermarket and T looking at the food and not where she was going bumps into someone. She stops rather abruptly - says "Excuse me - sorry" and keeps walking. And I'm trying to catch up the woman grabs me by the sleeve and says "How did you do that?" and I just looked at her blankly for sec ... "Do what?" I replied. She then proceeds to ask me how I taught the them to be so polite - and that was when I really looked at her strangely ... I just said that I've been teaching them manners since they were old enough to understand. It baffles me that this is not something everyone teaches at home. My girls are older now and it makes me so happy to see them stop and hold the door for someone, or know how to order food politely and clearly... of course, between themselves when they bicker they're not always as thoughtful, but it's usually short lived.

Contained in today's article are a number of links that I will be posting in the future because some of my readers have really been enjoying these reprints and I'm loving some of the discussion that comes with them :) Here is Essential Ettiquette for young men )
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You're out with friends ... or maybe your family ... or let's say, camping - where the nearest person may not be all that near and you've come out to find your tire is flat. In the world of AAA and roadside assistance this is a phone call away, but at some point that assistance may take a lot longer than you think, or *gasp* not be available.

I'm a mechanic's kid. I spent a pretty good amount of time in an auto shop - which makes me slightly different than most folks, but still everyone should know How to Change a Flat Tire )
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If there is one thing that this house suffers from, it is that our house is full of clutter. It is something I personally have struggled with since I was a kid. Oh, you can walk around the house for the most part without too much trouble. But there are piles of everything sort of scattered hither and thither. And although I have places where things go - shoes by the front door on the rack, coats on the hook, backpacks under the table ... they very rarely seem to get there. I suppose if I nagged about it every day it would happen, but I hate being the fish wife. I would really like everyone to put stuff away. The good side of this is that when the kids don't put stuff away, and they can't find it, I tell them it's not my responsibility to keep track of everyone else's stuff.

I am hoping that the girls really start to pick up this, because being Oscar to someone else's Felix is a recipe for disaster.

Today's life lesson is how to establish a simple cleaning routine and find a way to stick to it )
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Here's a skill they didn't teach in school, but definitely needed in today's world How to Network )
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Today's life lesson is about understanding credit. Whether you plan on it or not - you'll have to deal with credit or some kind of loan sometime in your life. I didn't get my first credit card until I was married to my first husband at 18. I applied for, and received an American Express card in my own name, based on my job (not on his, I worked for a savings & loan). I was incredibly proud of that card - in fact I still am to a certain extent. To me, it represents a certain amount of independence, a sign that I had arrived at "adult" somewhere along the way. I selected an American Express card because you had to pay it off at the end of every month (not true now, but it was then). It kept me from over spending. A couple of years later I got a MasterCard with a limit of $500 - an amount that would hurt, but not decimate me if I had to come up with the money.

I can't remember who was the first person to impress upon me the lesson of keeping up a good credit rating. I grew up without credit in our house. I knew about paying bills on time, and paying them before doing anything else with your money... but keep up my credit I did, and it has served me well.

Understanding Credit )
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I remember how nice it was the first time I got a proper knot in the tie. I do like they way they look.

How to Tie a Half Windsor Knot )


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