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Happy New Year to all of you. Thank you all for being part of my life.

Hoping to post more in 2012!

Be safe - you are loved <3
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It's five and I'm getting ready to make dinner. It's a challenge to figure out what to make the 2 days before Thanksgiving, but now there's a plan. Tonight is chicken parmesan and bow tie pasta and tomorrow is polska kielbasa. As for Turkey day, I think I've acquired all the necessary bits so I don't have to go back to the store. Tomorrow will be brining of the turkey, which proved to be a fantastic idea last year.

The old washer has now been replaced with a brand new one. Home Depot had a decent sale and when I got there they actually had one in stock. So, saved the money and hassle of having one delivered and just took it with me. Got the old washer unhooked and completely out of the house by myself. Learned an important lesson with that one too ... Don't take the drain hose off the back until you're outside. There's apparently a reserve of water underneath and dude, it smells manky. Ah well, I was cleaning the floor anyway.

Triathlon training is going well. I am pleased. And I may have inspired someone close to me to join me. Just the thought they might want to is awesome.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. There will be an a post of gratitude forthcoming.

Off to cook.
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It's somewhat shocking to realize we're almost exactly one week away from Thanksgiving. I'm cooking again this year. Since the brining went over so well last year, I already have the supplies to do it again. I suppose purchasing a turkey fairly soon would help.

Things continue apace at Casa de M & Q. An update:

Kids- are doing pretty well. The Widge has been sick, which necessitated an unplanned trip down to her at college. It was good to see her, although there was relatively little I could do. Well, other than help clean her dorm room which was a freaking disaster. That and a 2 hour trip to the laundrymat. I stopped and saw H & K at their school on the way back and took them out to lunch. Got the lowdown on college life, college boys and classes. I'm really looking forward to them all being home next week.

Triathlon- I started my 6 week basic training this week. I'm on day 3 and committing to faith in the process that somehow, someway I'll turn into an athlete. Part of that process is journaling everyday which I do on my triathlon filter. I'll be curious to see the journey 21.5 weeks from now.

Work- Work has been slow. Only one client this month, and potentially 2 for next month (1 of whom may have to transfer out). Consequently, finances suck royally. I'm looking for additional work, or side jobs. I can do a number of things. I'm potentially thinking of doing some henna on the side for parties, showers and the like. Contact me if you know of anything.

Life- Pretty good. Haven't gotten to see much of my loves. Wife is slam-dunk busy at work, haven't had time with R since September. The biggest change is that my sweetie [ profile] belthazar_b has found a job in NoVa and will be moving down here the weekend after Thanksgiving to start his new job that Monday. The stress of looking for, finding and moving has been hard on him and me too. So, I'm looking forward to things settling down soon.

SCA- headed out to the Holiday Faire event in Stierbach. Any of my other SCAdian friends going? Miss my clan something fierce. Oh, and I'm already starting to dream of Pennsic again.

Crafting- Still knitting. I finished a number of small projects recently and sent them out to various folks. I need to update my pictures. Chatted with a friend last night who's started something new and nifty and then had to talk myself out of it when my brain said "oh pretty, let's try!". Yeah, not so much.
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Sometime around the middle of August I was looking for this book "Colman", and the cheapest paperback copy I could find was about $75. Well ... it showed up on Amazon the other day for slightly less than $20 and I grabbed it. It arrived this morning :-)

Also, in the happy making for less than $5 - cotton rainbow colored yarn from the evil empire, I mean Walmart. Dude, I think there's a new scarf in the near future. I'm also interested in learning how to knit socks .. anyone out there be willing to teach me. I'll bribe suitably ... mebbe dinner?

I'm thinking after a long hiatus, [ profile] lapsedagnostic and I might be considering the return of "Bad B movie night" at our place. Interest? Bueller?

The Body for Life challenge I'm on seems to be working. I'm down a little in my weight and my cardio and weight lifting has gone up. I post about it on a separate filter and in the lj community [ profile] fast_together that I started.

I spent the weekend with my loves and getting to see my friends and be social.

Yay, it Tuesday! What's new with y'all?
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Last week was busy. 'Nuf said about that.

Friday was lovely. [ profile] belthazar_b came down to visit for the weekend. We had a lazy friday and a yummy lunch at Chipotle's and dinner at the Macaroni Grill and a in house movie night watching "Enchanted" having missed it when it was out in the theatres.

Saturday was spent getting in a short visit with a few of the clan.... [ profile] mellyflori, [ profile] cussata, [ profile] lalartu and [ profile] svandevander. Some projects got accomplished, including more work on the new "Lusty Wench" sign for War. We chatted about Pennsic and start writing up numbers and planning things on paper. The kids had a good time hanging out and got a chance to give the Wii a workout. Saturday night [ profile] lapsedagnostic and [ profile] belthazar_b and I all headed out to the club for a lovely evening.

There will be another garden this year in my front yard since B was kind enough to help me dig up and till the plot on Sunday, while Q did the lawn. Seeds will probably go in the ground today after the girls get home. I'm looking forward to seeing how the new flowers will look this year since I'm trying a different set of flowers. Sunday night a friend from World of Warcraft came into town and down for a visit with [ profile] buckleyjohn.

And then my Widgeon came home from her Dad's and made me smile :) This week looks to be just as busy as last week with dance today, 2 doctor appts tomorrow and piano, a doc appt and dance again on Thursday and then we're already at the end of the week! Sheesh, it's only Tuesday and my week is mostly gone.

How are you all?
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If you live in the DC metro area VA/MD/DC ... today is your day to be heard.

I voted. Exercise your right to be heard - VOTE.
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I've been running really, really tired this last week & then some. I'm back to exercising (just this Monday) - I don't seem to have any noticeable illness. I'm getting a mostly full night of sleep. Why can't I get any energy?
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Merry Christmas, Blessed Solstice, Happy Hannukah or whatever it is you celebrate. Thank you for being a part of my life this year ;-)

Real update

Sep. 4th, 2007 05:08 pm
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It's been a busy weekend.

Friday had a hot date with my hubby [ profile] lapsedagnostic! It was, well ... very satisying on many levels. Also, got to spend some good quality time with the lovely [ profile] liatha.

Saturday was spent with the girls. Widgeon had to work the entire weekend at the pool, but actually got off shift at 3:30 Saturday. We went to the a lovely bar-b-que and spent some time sitting and chatting with [ profile] fortryll, [ profile] pyrategrrl, [ profile] toki_warax, [ profile] 3ravensringo, [ profile] bluejai, [ profile] xilet, Joey, Sas and various and other assundry folks. It was a lovely. Saturday evening was spent getting in good momma/daughter chick time with the Widgeon. We watched Children of Men - best one word descriptor of this movie? Intense.

Sunday was spent working on the lawn and cleaning up the flower beds. Sunday afternoon found us Warcrafting a bit and I reached level 63 - w00t! Taught a 3 hour class on Sunday evening. It was good, but just a wee bit too long.

Monday I spent a lovely last day of summer in the company of my wife [ profile] ani_moore at the Maryland Renaissance Faire. Highlights of the day including getting so see some of the Clan [ profile] cussata, [ profile] lalartu, [ profile] mellyflori, [ profile] svandevander and my favorite baby wenchlette Chloe! There was hair braiding, cider, food, laughter, visiting, massage, shows and baby snuggling.

Last night was spent snugglings some girls and getting them ready for school.

All in all, a pretty grand weekend. Yay!
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Yes, the pre-Pennsic madness began awhile ago -- I've actually sewed almost every day for the last week and a half. If all goes well today I will hopefully finish the sewing and get around to the packing and repacking of the garb trunks. Why I did this to myself, particularly this year, I'll never know.

Also, there was the map thing for our block. With the help of [ profile] mellyflori and [ profile] autox323is we played map "tentris" to fit 16 groups on a plot of land that just really can't accomodate them. It was ... well ... a pain in the ass, but it did finally work. I finished the final copy of the map this weekend and put it up for everyone else on the block to see. I didn't have the dreams that Cait used to have ('cept for a couple early on) but I don't discount they might still appear since I'm leaving for War on Friday.

Ah ..... Cait. I haven't spoken much of her - because really, I still can't. To say that I miss her is an understatement. Her not being here is like a fierce ache in my chest that doesn't go away, and the closer we/I get to War this year, the more it hurts. I'll post about her more sometime ..... This year will be the first year that we haven't been together at War in 16 years. *sigh*

Also, due to a certain young lady's schedule [ profile] mellyflori also might not make War this year which makes me sad. BUT When that certain young lady makes her arrival I will be the luckiest-happiest Auntie Mym ever because I'll have a new baby to spoil !!!!!

I am looking forward to it though. Widgeon is coming back this year for the first week. She's also got a job at the Inner Vagabond part time that week. [ profile] mamatata is coming this year!!! All my clan peeps will be there. My loves will be there. And oh ... yeah ....

My 40th birthday will happen while I'm there. Hmmmm, I suppose I should have something grown up and profound to say about this upcoming birthday - but I don't at the moment. I'm going to be a "woman of a certain age" as Cait used to say -- still, sometimes I just feel about 24, ya' know?

Speaking of birthday's, my youngest S will be turning 6 next week. I won't be here, but I'm planning a birthday celebration for when she arrives. I'm also plotting birthday things for my lovely wife [ profile] ani_moore, my best friend [ profile] mamatata and a couple of other folks. It's so nice to have people to share birthdays with.

Okay, tea's finished and I have a "board meeting" with my 6 year old. Gonna get my butt handed to me in Princess Monopoly. Not a bad way to start a morning.
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I'm more than a little stressed at the moment about a number of things. Be aware that I may be jumpy, bitchy, tired, whiney, cranky, hysterical or maniacally happy at the drop of a hat. Sometime I might be all of those things at once. Tread accordingly.
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Up at 5am this morning. Just couldn't get back to sleep. At least I've had time to read all my email and back-logged LJ's. There's been a lot going on lately.

Went to War Practice last weekend. Had a fantastic time seeing friends. Cried my heart out planting an azalea in the place. that [ profile] wilfulcait's chair would be on our spot on the hill. Got drunk (a little). Had good talking/bonding time.

Packing for our trip to Pirate Camp - a working vacation of sorts. Q leaves today (his job starts earlier than mine) and I leave tomorrow. I am nowhere near done. Today is going to be busy. And I'll need a nap. I am looking forward to spending time with our loves and friends. And maybe having just a little fun ... sunning, working, playing, working, relaxing ... )

The universe seems to be picking on my loved ones -- makes me want to the the PTB's to bugger off.

Enough rambling, there should be tea now.
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It's been a week since [ profile] wilfulcait passed away. There is still a sense of total surreality for me, like I can't quite keep in sync with the rest of the world. I get up, I do things, but they don't feel right. And I still can't really grieve. Moments come and they cause me to pause, but the tears just aren't coming. I miss her, I miss the thought of just knowing she's there and I still wrestle with my 5 year old yelling "I want her back". One of the best things about Sunday was that every time I looked up I saw faces I loved, or someone that loved her. And .. since then, I've been talking to/emailing folks I haven't talked to in ages. It's good to be connected to them.

Speaking of, my apprentice sister [ profile] moirinknits has made some beautiful beads to honor Cait and raise money for breast cancer research. Go look at the picture in her journal.

In two days [ profile] lapsedagnostic and I are leaving for Vegas to join my beautiful wife [ profile] ani_moore and my boyfriend [ profile] russell_moore to celebrate their 10th anniversary. It will be good to celebrate and let loose a little. Expect pictures.

It's a beautiful day - the sun is shining and the birds are calling to each other. Go, soak up some sun! Be happy.
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When you least expect them. I found this in my van last Tuesday night on the way out the door.

With a card that read "Always mine ... always yours". [ profile] lapsedagnostic when bowled over by the ensuing hugs shrugged and said "I'm not good at waiting or keeping secrets" ... and grinned.
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This weekend gets an "A" in my books! Among other things (in bullet points to be elaborated on in a bit):

*Great Big Sea on Friday night at the Warner was wonderful. I took my #1 and #2 daughters, my girlfriend's daughter and friend, my wife [ profile] ani_moore and my boyfriend [ profile] belthazar_b with me. I also got to see [ profile] mellyflori, [ profile] kfitzwarin and cutie-pie hubby of hers, [ profile] thatliardiego (who came and chewed deliciously on my neck) and numerous other friends. The only sad part was not getting to take [ profile] wilfulcait with me because that would of made my evening complete.

*We got stuff done around the house including the lawn and cleaning out our garage. My hard working husband [ profile] lapsedagnostic, da' boyfriend [ profile] belthazar_b and I busted our humps for hours but it was *totally* worth it. The garage has been swept, organized and has *gasp* floor space. It is a thing of beauty.

*Saturday night was ... well ... delicious. No, no details on that one :)

*I won 2 Ebay auctions for dresses that I plan on wearing in Vegas, baby in a couple of weeks - pretty things at affordable prices. w00t!

*Went to a wonderful birth yesterday! A lovely baby boy named Jonah Spence was born weighing in at 9lbs. Was home before dinner

*My flower beds got planted by B and my girls - there will be flowers again this summer. Yay!!!!

*Went out to dinner and saw "300" with B. Had a delightful evening.
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Today while hanging out with [ profile] wilfulcait at her appointment, Wendy Rieger from News Channel 4 showed up to do a news piece on cancer recurrence. It will be on Channel 4 at 5:30 (in about 25 minutes) ....we weren't interviewed, but we're in the background. Just weird to see us there.
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*laundry (lots and lots of loads)
*baking brownies
*bellydancing with beautiful wimmins
*birthday - my daughter M turned 7 yesterday!
*various outings for various reasons with [ profile] ani_moore, [ profile] mellyflori and [ profile] wilfulcait
*birthday party prep for the weekend
*house picking up for arrival of in-laws today
*late night rehearsals for my daughter A who's play opens tonight
*pennsic planning

Is it time to go back to sleep yet?


Feb. 23rd, 2007 10:03 am
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How is it I can be getting 6 or so hours of sleep every night and still be so freaking exhausted? And while it is bright and sunny out, I still have this craving to crawl under my beautiful new bedspread and spend the day just watching movies, catching up on some reading and napping as the sun comes across my face. Instead I'm out the door in a few minutes to do 2 client visits. Tonight I may be visiting my girlfriend in the hospital.

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1. I had a perfectly lovely late Valentines weekend with my sweetie [ profile] belthazar_b. There was music, chocolate, funny cards, a handmade box, flowers and italian food and a very pretty sparkly (picture forthcoming). *yay!

2. Had a chance to meet the dashing [ profile] stephenray on Saturday and have dinner with all my sweeties. Russell made an absolutely mouth watering pork loin and rice and asparagus. After dinner there was not only one, but *two* cakes!

3. I fixed the couch after it being somewhat broken for the last few months. I rock :)

4. Got a bucketload of stuff done today, including lots of laundry and bill paying. I've also got the girls ready for school tomorrow - I love them, I love spending time with them, but ...they need to go back to school.

5. It's been a rough couple of weeks for one of my dearest friends. Please spare a good thought, k?


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