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This morning I decided (after many months) that I would take a walk. I had crepes to deliver for french week at school and I haven't been out walking in months. So on the way, I grabbed S from our local cross-walk, where she is the safety patrol. The crossing guard dismissed her when she saw me coming and then said to me as we're crossing the street " S***** does such a great job, and I know it's because you're such an excellent parent in many ways". This came from the substitute guard who only does our corner when Mrs. Rose is on vacation. I've seen her just a few times at best, and we've never really chatted. So, needless to say I was floored and pleased ... and I beamed the whole rest of my walk.

When I came back to the corner after walking/jogging the long way through our neighborhood, I stopped and told her how she had made my day. And she said ..." your kids talk about you all the time. How you give them allowance, but make them do their chores..... how they have to spend their own money at the dollar store - what you cook ..." I was really surprised by all this. The kids grumble a lot about cleaning their room, etc - but apparently they're not all that upset about it.

Any way - as [ profile] thatliardiego pointed out earlier this week "compliments are free, dispense them liberally" - so it the ability to give thanks when it's due. And I am thankful.
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but I can take my books and go study and do my homework in the sunshine on the front porch.
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From my neighbor who does flowers part-time. She thought we would enjoy these.

She was right. So pretty!

Flowers Flowers
From my neighbor
Flowers (side) Flowers (side)
my neighbor is both talented and sweet

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Things in random order that make for teh happy

*The sun is out ... yay!
*All the doors and windows open
*Had a pedicure last night. Toes are a perfect shade of cranberry - "My throne for a cranberry scone"
*Time with my beautiful wife [ profile] ani_moore
*Sore from workout
*Going climbing again this weekend
*Headed to the LF & P - get to see my friends

What's making your day today?
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Subtitled: Sometimes nostalgia is a good thing

Yesterday my daughter T was keeping me company in studio/sewing room .... and she wanted me to teach her to do counted cross-stitch. After finally finishing what I was doing, I spent the better part of 1/2 hour tearing about my studio (note to self ... time to reorganize) I wandered into a long forgotton box in my sewing desk. At the bottom of the mish-mash box of stuff were a set of envelopes that seemed vaguely familiar ..

They were a set of letters written to my by da' hubby [ profile] lapsedagnostic in 1993 when we were dating and I had gone to Pennsic 22. Man, talk about a blast from the past ... but the best part?!???!!! One of the best parts was one of the letter contained a long lost playlist to a tape he made me that I loved. It disappeared many years ago, and it's always bothered me....

So, last night, after the kids were all in bed, I sat down with Quas and we read those letter one by one. And looked at some of the pictures (rowr!). And I dug up all the tapes he made me so long ago and we listened to them, figured out the songs and artists and I made playlists of them on my Itunes so I can have them with me on my Ipod. He would YouTube a bunch of them and we walked down memory lane together and laughed.

While I don't long for all those times .. and I wish for some of them to come back ... there is tremendous joy in having a shared history with someone you love. And despite having gone to bed late and woken up way too early this morning (6am) I am happy.
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And I got one this morning. Thanks you [ profile] mellyflori.
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[ profile] lapsedagnostic and I split the weekends so that one of us always gets a sleep-in morning. I get Saturdays and he gets Sundays. And, a lot of the time, for one reason or another, we end up getting up about 1/2 the time to do stuff, usually with the kids .... So, this morning he gets up to take T to a chess tournament and tells the 2 youngest not to come get me to until 10 (which just doesn't happen most of the time.... really they're 8 and 7 - but they do try). Except for this morning.

This morning I woke up slighty before 9 - picked up the newest Anita Blake book Blood Noir which I started last night. I read in the quiet of the morning until the first hand on the doorknob at 9:45. Shortly after, my prom-going Widgeon came and snuggled me in bed. A little while later she brought me tea and a bagel w/ salmon & cream cheese and I finished my book at 11:10.

What a decadent morning, and a lovely way to start a really busy day. Yay!
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*being home
*my children giggling all over me
*knowing I am loved, little and big
*having a wise man say to me yesterday "nothing ever said on the last day of camp really counts"
*having a lovely (and and not so lovely) vacation
*saving my hanging flower baskets from the brink of extinction
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To all my sweethearts, Quasi, Ani, Belthazar and Russell :)
To my littles sweethearts who make me so proud every day, Widgeon, T, M & S.

To my friends who remind me how much love there is in the world!

Happy Heart Day :)
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A canadian friend of mine [ profile] redsash (who I hope to meet at Pennsic someday soon!) wrote an interesting entry on how you Make Your Own Luck. Follow the link ... because sometimes you might get pants.
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Today I haven't spoken to another person, save [ profile] lapsedagnostic and my children. I exercised and watched "Sicko" by Michael Moore pondering why we don't have better medical care in our country. What communication I have done has been via email or LJ. There is no music in the background, no TV and the only audible noise is that of the refrigerator and the fan on my laptop.

I am by nature an extrovert. If you give me the choice between company or solitude - 93% of the time, I'll choose company. But there are days (and apparently this is one) where what I need most is just quiet. Quiet in my house, quiet in life, quiet in my head ... even for just a few hours. I didn't plan on it, but apparently that was today's gift to me, and I will receive it with gratitude.
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One of my clients had a lovely homebirth yesterday morning. Baby boy Gabriel was welcomed into the world at 6:05 yesterday morning by his parents and his 3 siblings. He weighed in at a whopping 11lbs 8oz. Not by biggest homebirth baby, but close. I'm off to check on them later today. Yay!

I'm also enjoying the comforts of home for my last couple of morning before leaving for Pennsic. Walking into my kitchen and making a cup of tea and a bagel. Sitting in my spot in the family room watching Good Morning America. Having a bathroom less than 10 feet away. I enjoy War, don't get me wrong - but I will miss some of the creature comforts and ease and convenience of living in a home for a couple of weeks.

Then again, I'll be hearing the drums in the evenings - the laughter rising from the Pub on the corner. The joy of lounging at the best coffee house this side of the Atlantic ocean in the middle of the day. Sharing my one of my favorite places in the world with my husband, my kids, my loves and friends - the sun our faces, the wind on our back. Yeah, Mmmmm .. that.

Oh, and a Happy Birthday to [ profile] homedespot! May this year be full of unexpected joys! Hugs and kisses when I see you next :)

Enjoy your day folks.
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I have "Down to the Last Penny" copper/orange on my freshly pedicured toes. It pleases me to no end right now to see them wiggling in the sunlight.
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It's been a week since [ profile] wilfulcait passed away. There is still a sense of total surreality for me, like I can't quite keep in sync with the rest of the world. I get up, I do things, but they don't feel right. And I still can't really grieve. Moments come and they cause me to pause, but the tears just aren't coming. I miss her, I miss the thought of just knowing she's there and I still wrestle with my 5 year old yelling "I want her back". One of the best things about Sunday was that every time I looked up I saw faces I loved, or someone that loved her. And .. since then, I've been talking to/emailing folks I haven't talked to in ages. It's good to be connected to them.

Speaking of, my apprentice sister [ profile] moirinknits has made some beautiful beads to honor Cait and raise money for breast cancer research. Go look at the picture in her journal.

In two days [ profile] lapsedagnostic and I are leaving for Vegas to join my beautiful wife [ profile] ani_moore and my boyfriend [ profile] russell_moore to celebrate their 10th anniversary. It will be good to celebrate and let loose a little. Expect pictures.

It's a beautiful day - the sun is shining and the birds are calling to each other. Go, soak up some sun! Be happy.
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When you least expect them. I found this in my van last Tuesday night on the way out the door.

With a card that read "Always mine ... always yours". [ profile] lapsedagnostic when bowled over by the ensuing hugs shrugged and said "I'm not good at waiting or keeping secrets" ... and grinned.
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This weekend gets an "A" in my books! Among other things (in bullet points to be elaborated on in a bit):

*Great Big Sea on Friday night at the Warner was wonderful. I took my #1 and #2 daughters, my girlfriend's daughter and friend, my wife [ profile] ani_moore and my boyfriend [ profile] belthazar_b with me. I also got to see [ profile] mellyflori, [ profile] kfitzwarin and cutie-pie hubby of hers, [ profile] thatliardiego (who came and chewed deliciously on my neck) and numerous other friends. The only sad part was not getting to take [ profile] wilfulcait with me because that would of made my evening complete.

*We got stuff done around the house including the lawn and cleaning out our garage. My hard working husband [ profile] lapsedagnostic, da' boyfriend [ profile] belthazar_b and I busted our humps for hours but it was *totally* worth it. The garage has been swept, organized and has *gasp* floor space. It is a thing of beauty.

*Saturday night was ... well ... delicious. No, no details on that one :)

*I won 2 Ebay auctions for dresses that I plan on wearing in Vegas, baby in a couple of weeks - pretty things at affordable prices. w00t!

*Went to a wonderful birth yesterday! A lovely baby boy named Jonah Spence was born weighing in at 9lbs. Was home before dinner

*My flower beds got planted by B and my girls - there will be flowers again this summer. Yay!!!!

*Went out to dinner and saw "300" with B. Had a delightful evening.
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I decided to go grocery shopping after my bellydancing date with my lovely wife [ profile] ani_moore and glowing-est [ profile] mellyflori ...

Ahhhh, what joy! The supermarket if virtually deserted at the hour. I picked up mostly everything I needed (okay, minus a few other things .. I didn't have a list ... what?!) There was no line, and no hurry to be home, or to pick up the kids. And mostly, it was quiet.

Also, it yielded me inspiration for meals - this afternoon's lunch was curried scallops .. and for dinner I will put under the broiler ...

Lamb chops marinated in Marsala, a wee bit of olive oil and garlic

I love..

Feb. 28th, 2007 09:01 am
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the quiet at the beginning of the day right after I drop the kids off at school. No TV, no radio, no Itunes. The hum of the heater, the tapping of my keys on the laptop and the sipping of tea are the only ambient sounds of the morning.
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I got carded for cigarettes today, because the lady behind the counter insisted I looked like I was under 27.



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