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**Edit - the extra ticket I have has been spoken for** But I would still love to see friends and family if you want to make it!!!

Great Big Sea & Carbon Leaf are playing at Wolf Trap next Friday, August 21st. I bought 8 tickets, 7 of which are spoken for. I have one lawn ticket left for $25. I would love for someone to grab it.

Belthazar, Widgeon, C, myself and the girls will all be claiming lawn seats *early* this year so we can see. We love fun company .....Anyone going to join us?
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I wasn't very surprised at Farrah Fawcett's passing today ... although still sad. And I've never been a huge Michael Jackson fan ... but his music was still a huge part of my pre-teen and teen years. I remember Thriller and all the hoopla surrounding it.

Now they're both dead, and I'm just kinda stunned.
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Finding out that Itunes carries a CD I thought I would never find.

Almost 17 years ago, my then household mate Paul gave me a tape with some great music called "The Twenty Best of Scotland" by Noel McLouglin. I searched for the Cd for years with no luck. I stopped playing the tape because I was afraid of breaking it.

I found my SCA songbook today and a copy of CD case and playlist was in the front. So on a whim I thought I would google it and then put it in Itunes..... and *dude* it's there.

I am stupid happy right now.
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My lovely [ profile] camperamy recently sent me links for GBS at the Shamrock Fest in DC two weeks ago that I had to miss *WAH!*. In the course of watching those, I stumbled across these clips from their recent music cruise "Ships & Dips III" in Jan. Both are Alan singing acapella. Gosh I love that man and that band!

Here's "Boston & Saint John's"

And this is a song from the new album Fortune's Favor ....(hopefully coming out this year)

I think this second one is going to be a favorite too.


Feb. 22nd, 2008 08:44 am
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Big, gigantic, huge thanks to [ profile] pyrategrrl who found a way to send me both of the albums which I was able to burn to disc and then rip back into Itunes.

Yay!!!! Bawdy Balladeers in my Ipod .... Yay!!!!!
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Thank you Luciano for your beautiful voice... may your soul rest in peace.

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I have an album yes, on vinyl that I would like to convert to CD that I could then rip onto Itunes, because (believe it or not) Itunes does not have it.... however I just discovered Amazon can get me a copy of it, if I'm willing to spend about $40. *le sigh*

Time to dust off the turntable I guess :-)


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