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I can't find hardly anything.

No, the Pennsic stuff is not spread all over the house (just *mostly* over the house).

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And I got one this morning. Thanks you [ profile] mellyflori.
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That's my frustrated sound.

Not only has something gone wrong with the sensors on my '05 Chyrsler Van (just had the mechanic check it this morning). Needs fixed in the next week or so to the tune of $280 or so ...

Now my sewing machine has decided to sew nothing but a straight stitch. My 30-year-old-workhorse Viking (by Husquevarna)-which-apparently-you-might-or-might-not-get/have-parts-for-going-to-be-damn-expensive-to-fix-still-don't-want-to-give-it-up-love it-machine....... and the serger is also joining in the fray with some mechanical issues.

Do I have some weird electrical force around me making my machines go on the fritz?!?
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First I calle "My Plumber" because their number was on the front page of the phone book. They didn't have a human answering (that should of been clue #1) but I waited and had a call like this:

Idiot Plumbing Place: Hi ... how can we help you.

Me: I just had a toliet on my main floor overflow and now I've discovered it's coming through the ceiling and I don't know if it's from the water that was on the floor or if I have a more extensive problem.

IPP: Well, we can make an appt for you for some time tomorrow

Me: But you advertise same day service. Can I get someone today?

IPP: Well, that's only if you call before 12 noon. All our priority slots are filled for today.

Me: There is water coming through my ceiling - don't you consider that a priority?!?

IPP: I told you, all our priority spots are filled for today.

Me: Well, I guess than I'll have to call and find someone who will come today because this leak can't wait.

IPP: Thanks for calling, have a nice day.

*ARRGGHHHHH* How the hell do you advertise "same day emergency service" and then not mention that it only applies if your emergency is before fucking noon?!?!?????!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I called Woodbridge Plumbing (they did have a human answering the phone) and not only was she very nice - she said they could get someone to me in between 3pm and 6pm. And at 3:15 pm, they were at my front door. Yay!!!!!!!!!!

So the upshot is, there is nothing under the floor leaking and the continual leaking from the toliet was coming from the washer/bolts that hold the tank to the toliet. They had deteriorated after years of being in the water.

There's now a small hole in the ceiling to drain and dry the rest of the water and it looks like I'll be getting some drywall spackle for this weekend.
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Stupid home ownership ... stupid overflowing toliet.

Now there's a leak in my basement bedroom ceiling coming at a constants drip and I don't know if I have f*cked up pipes or not.

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Now that I'm replacing the tires, we probably won't get anymore snow for the rest of the season.

But, new tires ordered and being delivered to my mechanic sometime next week or so. Yay!

**ordered tires from - as recommended by my mechanic of many years. Good prices - and reviews/test results given for each brand**
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Don't mess with Miss Cranky today, it would be a bad thing.

*le sigh*
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Between replacing the water heater yesterday and fixing the washing machine today - we're woefully shorter financially than I thought we would be. This was just not the right month for this ... *sigh*
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I've had two weird and frustrating conversations today with two loves in my inner circle, LJ won't behave itself, and I seemed to get stumped at every turn no matter how hard I try.


At least I can blast the Christmas music without getting annoyed.
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The battery in my watch is dead -- actually none of my watches work. Great frustration for a girl who looks at the time 5 million times a day. *hmpfh*


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