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I really should write more .... tomorrow I leave fore Pennsic for 2 weeks.  If you read my journal, go to Pennsic and want to know where to find me to come say hi - leave me a comment.

Enjoy yourselves and be good y'all.
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Hey all - War is fast approaching and there's a place near and dear to my heart that I would love to have there. AJ is heavily involved in finishing school this year and isn't able to run our favorite hang out - so her kitchen managers Lorelei and Elliott have decided to captain the ship this year - but they need our help.

In order for YIV to return to War - they need funds and have decided to use Kickstarter as a forum to make that happen. Please consider contributing whatever you can to help out - every little bit counts. Here is the link:

I'm waiting for our next paycheck to roll in so I can help them out. I can't imagine my War without an Iced Siamese while I kick back in comfort with my friends.

Check it out and let's help make this happen! Please share this in your journal and other social media sites that your connect with your SCAdian friends. The more the merrier.
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I've registered for Pennsic - only 206 more days to go ....

Are you ready for War?
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For my SCAdian friends .... pre-registration for Pennsic 40 ends tomorrow! Sign up for War today :)
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100 more days until Pennsic!

You may now commence that mad flurry of packing and sewing and so forth ....

Carry on ;)
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When I wasn't awake and sneezing my sinuses out ... I had my first Pennsic dream.

This time I was headed to Pennsic earlier than the event, and I'd forgotten to pack my garb boxes and cooking gear. But I had my tent and I wasn't going to go back. On the way up there, I happen to pass a friend of mine (and former king of Aethelmarc) Rurik, riding his bicycle up there. So I offered him a ride and we headed up to Pennsic.

Bizarre, but not completely unexpected....
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So - I got back yesterday afternoon from Pennsic. It was in fact, the same problem as last time. The spark plugs were either chewed or cut ....I'm going with the easiest explanation - probably chewed. Total repair was less than $200 and I was on the road by 9:30am. The ride home was uneventful and I got back to the house around 3. Lots of girlie hugs later and a few long drinks of cold water, it was time to unload and get back to life.

The house is a disaster, the laundry is slowly getting done, and a semblence of order is trying to be restored. Post-pennsic wrap up and pictures to come .....

What all did I miss? Anything on (your) LJ that I should see..... please send a pointer :)
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I'm headed to Pennsic tomorrow for 2 weeks. I'm looking forward to a break from this reality and a chance to immerse myself in the other one. There will be hard work, sweaty days, cool evenings, camp fires, cider, laughter, the Known World Petanque Tournament (which I plan on winning again with my partner) cards and time with friends, family and loves. There will be periodic updates from Mystic Mail .... and of course, there will be pictures.

Be good to yourselves!
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I think I'm done putting everything in boxes and bags.

Now I hope it all fits into the van.
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I'm leaving for Pennsic on Friday. So, of course, my house is wreck and there's stuff everywhere that needs to get packed. I wish I could be Jeannie and just blink my eyes and have it all done.
Like that's ever gonna happen.

I'd like to see folks while I'm there ~waggles eyes~ at certain folks. I'm on E-17 - Lusty Wench Tavern is the name of our camp. If you want personal info (cell) let me know in comment and an address (email) to send it to.

If you want me to come calling to you - leave that in your comment too.

My birthday is the middle weekend and I can't wait - I already got my new shiny birthday present from my hubby [ profile] lapsedagnostic. This is my new shiny :-) It takes beautiful pictures. And yes, I got the orange one.

camera camera

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I have dreams and nightmares about Pennsic. Last night's was a doozy ... the equivalent of forgetting to show up for work or school.

I dreamt that I was out camping (probably zero night) - but when I got up in the morning - I spent time doing other things, including helping a few people out of some predicaments. About mid-afternoon of my dream day, I realized that I had completely missed Land Grab! I was upset and a little confused as to how I'd forgotten something so important - and then remembered that [ profile] mellyflori had my back and had probably done it for me. At which point I started back towards my tent to pack up and then go find my camp. *bizarre*

Of course, maybe the fact that I leave for Pennsic on Friday - and I still have unresolved land issues with the powers-that-be ...might have something to do with it.
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Until Pennsic. Let the great sewing panic begin!
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Today would of been Cait's birthday. It's beautiful out today - a little chilly, but the trees have green on them and the flowers are blooming. She loved it when the azalea's bloomed and I do as well. I still miss her, a lot. But I celebrate her today and for all the times we spent together.

Today is also, coincidentally - 100 days left until Pennsic. Time to really start counting down and getting busy. I'm headed down into the craft room and the sewing room after this post to start taking stock of 'things that need to get done'.

Oh, and today is better than yesterday. I'm grateful.
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Pennsic continues to rock my socks for the most part. Yesterday we had a suck-tastic amount of rain. The upside of which was I took an entire day to sit around and socialize. I knitted, I laughed, I had an alfresco lunch with charming company and just enjoyed not having do anything in particular :)

Last night the Chalkman was open and I wore one of my favorite bodices and got so many compliments it was hard not to blush. Nice to have the self-confidence boosted a bit. Celebrated [ profile] belthazar_b's being done with WV Bar exam and did another good bit of socializing ... oh, and no rain last night *score*!

Today I'll work a short shift at Chirurgeon's Point and then off to another evening of good food and good friends.

I'm anxious for my family to be here so we can all be together, but texts and calls have kept me from missing them too much.

Off to some Iced Siamese coffee from Your Inner Vagabond.

Be good, or at least do something that involve a telling me a good story when I'm back :)
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Obviously Mystic Mail is open .... I'm here :-)

Pennsic is lovely. Land grab went exceedingly well due to a change in "how things were done" which meant that instead of standing around forever on land grab morning, our entire block and all the land agents were signed off and done by midnight Friday. Saturday morning we breezed in and picked up our car passes and were standing on our land by 9:10am. It was freaking glorious.
There was a bit of rain set up day, one good thunder bumper, but otherwise, it's been beautiful.

Camp is set up and glorious. Our silk banner gate is full of awesome-sauce. Pictures will of course follow, post vacation. Block potluck is tonight.

On the slightly downside, the A/C in our house died and had to be repaired to the tune of $$ *bleh*

Oh, and [ profile] belthazar_b is off taking the first part of the Bar today. Think good thoughts for him, k?

Off to get some lunch!
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I'm looking for a site that lists the attendance numbers for Pennsic by year. And possibly a history of how we came to Cooper's Lake.

I've found the (brief) history on the site, but it only goes back to 33. I'm looking for something more extensive.

Bueller? Anyone?
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You don't really appreciate the air conditioning, until you come in from spending 90 minutes in the garage. Camping boxes: found, reorganize, closed.

Boy am I going to miss the A/C if it turns out to be warmer than expected at War. Guess it'll make me appreciate the shade trees you find along the way :-)
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I've started the map craziness tonight. Most of the time I laughed that crazy-high-pitched-giggle of madness because there's no way in hell I can fit that many people on that piece of land and still have 23,000-ish feet left over for "singles camping" ~BWAHAHAHAHA~

Enough for tonight. I'm going to bed.
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It's officially 100 days until Pennsic day! Yay!

Beautiful day

Today would of been Cait's birthday - I still wish everyday that she was here to celebrate it. But I am really, really grateful to have had her in my life. I just realized that the scarf I'm wearing around my neck today is also the same one in the photo of her from Pennsic ....

IMG_0145 mym & cait smile
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Days left 'til Pennsic - 106
Days left 'til pre-registration ends - 68

Must.start.sewing. Again.


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