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in black and white

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My camera has the ability to select a single color and the rest of the picture will be black n' white. Hence the interesting coloring ......but I loved how this turned out (thanks to [ profile] belthazar_b for wielding the camera while I went down the slide with my kids!).

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photobooth 1 photobooth 2 photobooth 3 photobooth 4
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Photo edit (even when I'm not good at it). Thanks [ profile] keltique!
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Spent some time playing with the Eye Candy make-up for bellydancers. My fabulous wife [ profile] ani_moore sparkled me up and took the pictures too :)


**edit** I played with color adjusting the images(thanks [ profile] keltique for the suggestion, although yours turned out better!) and here is the 2nd image tweeked a bit.

bellydance color adjust 2
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Yesterday we were fortunate enough to attend the Privateer Feast with [ profile] ani_moore and [ profile] russell_moore who treated us to a lovely evening. Team Wench walks for Breast Cancer Awareness every year and this is one of their main events. Great thanks to the organizers and event staff for this amazing night of food and entertainment. They are [ profile] webqatch, [ profile] museclio, [ profile] orlacarey (who cooked), [ profile] thatliardiego (who was Master of Ceremonies for the fantastic entertainment) and that's just a few.

Last night over $10,000 was raised. Huzzah!
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I love this picture -- working and playing - they're all good with my friends ...
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Who has Flickr accounts? I love to look at pictures -- and I was bopping about and adding my friends thanks to the talented and smart [ profile] autumncat and her very useful advice :)
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A goofy picture of me and da' Wife.

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I've finally uploaded my pennsic photos, but I don't know how to put the photo in my journal for you to see and have it link to my Flickr site so you can just click on the photo to take you there.

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So, I decided to use Flickr to upload some pictures, only to find out if I upload them in their current size/format - I'm limited to 20mb per month. Upgrading to the paid account (for $25 for a year) will get me a 2gig limit. I thought the service was free -- now I'm just aggravated *grr*
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I'd like to share pictures through my journal with my friends ... the two most popular options seem to be Flickr and Smugmug -- any opinions on which is better, easier, etc? I'd like to make it so that if *you* are looking at my pictures you don't necessarily have to log in/create an acct at the site, to do so.

Recommendations for the others if neither of these work?
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To borrow an idea from [ profile] mellyflori -- today I've got on black capris and a yellow tank ..but thanks to [ profile] lalartu and his wonderful photos I can remember that last Sunday I looked like this )

More later on the one of the best War's ever.


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