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When wrestling with a lively rotary cutter ... the rotary cutter always wins. Got *two* cuticles.
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I spent all of yesterday sewing the last bits for Pennsic. Yes, there are still things I could sew, but I'm *done*. So done, you could stick a fork in me (but then I'd hollar "ouch" and stab you back).

The reason I'm so lucky (and finished) is because my lovely wife [ profile] ani_moore came over last night and played with/crafted with the girlies last night whilst I buried myself in the sewing room. Not only that she made them new chemises and put them to bed :)

When all was said and done - we put away the serger, the fabric and all the assorted bits and then got to sit outside, have a smoke and have semi-philosophical discussions. All before 11pm.

Today I have room for the other stuff on the 'to do' list, because of last night .... thank god for guardian angels.
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I've been deeply buried in Pennsic preparations. There's also been some major stuff going on around here needin' to be dealt with. Needless to say I have had little to know spare time or ability to deal with much else.

I'll be checking mail and LJ at Mystic Mail whenever they get set up -- if you need me otherwise I'll have my cell phone. Now for where to find me at Pennsic )

So, I'll be around until Friday afternoon this week, just buried up to my eyeballs in stuff.
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The coat that is. Needs some finishing touches, but it is in one piece and no longer has pins in it.

Now I have to finish the rest of my sewing. *sigh*


Jul. 27th, 2006 11:30 am
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I am not particularly good at math ... I was a little better at geometry. However geometry in relation to garments and tailoring *feh*

If this post doesn't make sense, that's okay, I'm just venting a little frustration.


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