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1. The home phone is fixed and I haven't had another problem with the power this week. I'm trying to appease the utility ghods by getting my family to be very good about not leaving on the lights when they're not it a room and not letting the cordless phones run down their charge because someone forgot to put them back on the chargers.

2. Today is sushi lunch with one of my favorite peeps [ profile] j_luc_pitard. I plan on slowly savoring every mouth full, *including the rice*. I'll just be skipping the empty carbs at dinner. Tonight I'll be going out with my daughter (sorry [ profile] kellfire) and we'll be hitting the movies ... maybe Dreamgirls, Stomp the Yard or Freedom Writers.

3. Geeky World of Warcrack notes ... [ profile] lapsedagnostic, [ profile] belthazar_b and I have leveled the characters we started together past 40 -- we now have shiny new raptors to ride around on. Mine is the sporty violet raptor with teal stripes. It makes me happy

4. This weekend will be spent with my clan at [ profile] cussata & [ profile] lalartu's doing crafy stuff and working on my persona pentathalon projects for KASF in Virgina Beach. I need to run by In Stitches today to grab some black silk embroidery floss and probably fondle the gorgeous yarn and needle-y stuff. Pray for my willpower and my checkbook, wouldja?

5. And last, but not least I like to move it, move it )
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With all due respect to the late Mr. James Brown -- that's the song in my head at the moment.

So, I just got off the treadmill and I don't have a clever cut name for it, like my lovely wife [ profile] ani_moore of the "gym shorts" or my lovely [ profile] mellyflori with the "B & H" (boring and healthy) ... so help me with a clever name, k?! Until then -- I give you stats from the treadmill )

My food choices were for crap yesterday - I'm 3 days into this and sabotaguing myself - but I'm back on track this morning. Smoking is still less than 6 a day, and working towards cutting it out all together. When I'm stressed and my loves and I are sniping, it easily leads to poor choices, I'm gonna have to work on that one.

So, what are you all up to? Anyone got some work out/weight loss/strong body icons they want to give a girl?
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I don't know if it's just the advent of yet another new year, but I seem to be in the getting stuff done mode. Granted, I have a ton of unfinished stuff - but picking one or two of them a day with the express purpose of knocking them off the "to do" list seems to be working.

This morning started with a trip into the school with my 1st grader. For the express purpose of helping her organize and clean her desk -- and it was an experience. How on earth do they fit so much stuff in there?! Anyway, in the process of pulling out all the papers, we unearthed an overdue library book and another class reader M swore up and down was here at home. I don't know if it's me, but I remember always having a clean desk - crayons in teh box, books and notebooks stacked on each other. Either my children are missing something genetic, or I haven't taught them the joys of being organized (I strongly suspect the latter of the two).

The rest of the morning consisted of getting the oil changed in the van -- starting the chicken in the crockpot -- Oh! The baked rigatoni from last night?! Delicious! Picked up my school books (but didn't actually get anything accomplished) and had a web cam lunch date with my LDR [ profile] belthazar_b. :)

Eating is still on track - got on the treadmill again today for 1.6 miles and I've only had 2 cigarettes so far today.

I need new icons -- I don't have a good one for how I'm feeling.
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1. I need to get back to posting on a regular basis -- we're 8 days into the year and I've only posted maybe once or twice. There's been lots of good things to write, I just haven't made the time to sit down and do them. In part because I'm trying not to let sitting at the laptop suck up my whole day. Fucked up, I know, but there you go.

2. Getting up a mere 1/2 hour earlier makes me way more productive. I managed to get tea, breakfast and laptop time in before getting the kids/husband up and ready for the day. I may try to do this more often. However, seriously made me want to take a mid-morning nap at 10am. Got all my running around done before noon - post office, video store, supermarket. Now I have time to walk on the treadmill and start dinner early -- Baked Rigatoni.

3. Being sick has made me cut down on the smoking. 4 for yesterday -- didn't have my first one today until after 11am. Yes, yes, I know -- just quit, but that hasn't worked well in the past, and this seems to be working -- so positive encouragement is welcome, other stuff .. not so much.

4. Decided not to make any resolutions for this year -- I have one that is important to me that I made late last year. 40 lbs down by my birthday this year (or my newest motto - 40 by 40). To whit I have made some minor changes to start -- brown rice, whole wheat pasta, meatless at least once a week and working on portions. No effect yet, but I'm also not expecting to be fitter by tomorrow. Also -- walking on the treadmill - both myself and [ profile] lapsedagnostic - it's a start ... maybe in a couple weeks I'll add some weights in. Right now, I'm all about starting somewhere ... and wouldn't you know it, here looks like a fine place.

5. Artistically I've accepted a challenge with the encouragement of my girlfriend and Laurel [ profile] wilfulcait. Cait thinks it would be a good idea for me to enter the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival the beginning of March. It's a Pentathalon - I'd link it, but the info isn't there -- essentially I need to pick a persona (not necessarily the one I already have) and do 5 things related to that persona - the list is long, but so far I think I am going to do at least these 3 - blackwork cuffs on a chemise, a pomegranate drink and I'm going to make a paternoster by lampworking my own beads -- I still need two more things from the list. The thought of this scares me witless, but I have encouragement and support from everyone in the clan -- so I'm going to try. There will probably be updates on this, I may even make a filter for it -- or I'll just put it behind lj cuts marked "Pentathalon" - so if your interested in it, feel free to comment or follow the posts. By the way - I have not yet started, but I'm planning on it this weekend.
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Friday night I volunteered at the club for a bit. I made it home shortly before 2 and fell asleep shortly after. Saturday I recerted my Healthcare Provider CPR (scored 96% on the test) and Saturday evening [ profile] lapsedagnostic and I had a date evening and an invitation to a party. We saw 2 am that night as well. Sunday we had the family over for family-type birthday party for M's 6th birthday, and Sunday evening it was class time again.

So, there I was last night ... contemplating an early bedtime of 10pm and at 9:50 the phone rang. My client who had labored quite a bit about 10 or so days ago was *really* in labor. There was much hollering and crying in the background. So I leapt into a pair of jeans and headed out the door. I was keeping barely within the land-speed record on 95 South, but there was no issues. Anyway, I figured I was golden if I got stopped by the cops anyway, since my client's hubby is a local cop ;)

The baby arrived shortly before midnight - we had to do bit more than usual to bring her around, but she was fine. A baby girl 8lbs exactly with all the requisite fingers and toes. Mom, Dad, big brother and sister were all thrilled. However yet again, I saw 2am - actually even later than that. I almost pulled a [ profile] veskrashen move of losing a car mirror on the way home. I did fine, but the drive home was a challenge. Tonight I am *definitely* getting in an early night.

Let's see - stat wise - I didn't get in any exercise this weekend, I did smoke 3 cigs on Friday night, 3 cigs on Sat night and 1 on Sunday. Food wise I was pretty good until yesterday, but I did give into the carb-rush of some chocolate oreo birthday cake.

This morning I had to sleep, so I haven't exercised today. I expect to work out tomorrow - and hit HH tomorrow night.


Mar. 17th, 2006 09:47 am
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Okay ... this mornings stats are brought to you by the letters "S", "E" and "X" - today's workout was waylaid by a workout of a different kind. We'll try to burn more calories this afternoon on the treadmill or with the bellydance DVD :)

Food is still going good - last night's dinner was the Turkey Parmesan, which was excellent. A big score is that my family is eating the same food, so it means I don't have to make something different for them. Of course, I am deliberately seeking out the recipes that are family friendly ....

Oh, and the scale? Says I'm down close to 7lbs this week. I realize that isn't entirely accurate with water weight, blah, blah, blah. Nonetheless, it is encouraging.
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Sunny and cold ... but spring is on the way

4th morning stats )

frustrations & some whining )

food )

So, I stepped on the scale last night, just out of curiousity - it's says I'm down 5lbs, which I highly doubt, but it is going down so there you go. Oh, and the smoking? Cravings are less, the cranky is less, but I still want one.
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Up at 6am (again) ... this morning I bellydanced .. )

But I did get through the entire DVD which was about 45 minutes. Since I feel like I didn't really push myself this morning - I will probably break out the treadmill this afternoon, and maybe do some workout on the exercise ball. Ani and I picked up a ball workout book last night at Michael's for $5.

Oh, and the not smoking thing? Making me a cranky, snappy, short-tempered bitch. My patience level is about this high (put your thumb and index finger flat togehter), yeah, there. *fuck*

How are you all this morning?

A new day

Mar. 14th, 2006 08:51 am
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I did manage to drag myself out of bed again this morning dreams, exercise, food )
Still haven't had a smoke though. And I'm thinking I need an exercise or "strong" icon or two.
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So yeah, I'm a post-whore today ... get over it. The hardest part of the day for me anyway, starts around 3 in the afternoon. The kids are up from naps and quiet time or home from school. If it's Tues/Wed/Thurs then I'm running them somewhere and trying to squeeze in dinner. These hours last until about 7 or 8pm, or roughly until the kids go to bed.

These hours between 3 and 7pm are when I tend to lose my resolve - my resolve to eat better (oooh ...potato chips ... shiny!) or have a cigarette, or whatever I'm struggling with. It's so farking ~aggravating~. Today I managed not to give in to either bad choice, eating poorly or smoke, but by ghod it was a struggle. Some times minute to minute. I know as soon as my blood sugar evens out (after a couple of days on the SB eating plan) and after the nicotine leaves the system (3 or so days), it *should* be easier, but I'm worried it won't be. The resolve will crumble, and I'll just end up in the same place all over again.

Waking in the morning the day seems full of possibility. Getting to the end of the day with everything intact though, is practically a miracle. Tomorrow I'll get up and try and do it all again, but bear with me over the next couple of days ... 'cause this shit is hard, yo ...


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