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Today I did my best and longest distance ever ..... wait for it ......

2100 meters!!!!

Took 1 hours, 15 minutes. I've only been back in the pool for 4 classes. My swim coach is amazing - I love her for pushing me
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Today at swim class I did 1800 meters. 1600 meters is a mile - so it's a little over that. This is only my 2nd class back. More than a couple of times I had to roll to my back in the recovery position to breathe since my cardio still needs a lot of work - but then I went right back to it. For my own edification, here's today's workout

Warm up (freestyle)
200 swim
200 kick
200 pull


6 - 100's

25 free, 50 back stroke, 25 free
25 free, 50 breast stroke, 25 free
100 free

4 100m - timed freestyle, 2.5 minutes for each set, 10 sec rest (this was an ass-kicker)

50 freestyle, swim hard
50 freestyle, swim hard

50 breast stroke, cool down
50 breast stroke, cool down

Total - 1800 meters in 60 minutes
Calories burned: 855
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So, after a little more than 6 month hiatus out of the pool - my coach dropped me a FB to let me know classes were back on. I missed last week because I was sick as a dog, but I went today and OOOOOOHHHHHH babeeeee, was it good :-)

We did a 200m warm up, and then worked various breast stroke techniques (arms and legs) for a 600/700m with quite a few breaks for instruction time, and then a 200m cool down (of which I only did 150) .... but added all up, I probably did 1200 meters! I am pleased.

Technique is off, cardio is off (but ok), and most of that should come back with regular time again. But if just felt so good.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to try a run.
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I haven't been in the pool in about 2 weeks since swim clinic officially ended for the summer .... and I've missed it. I reasoned with myself that I could get my lap time in at the regular pool with the kids, but that hasn't happened either. And I've been feeling things start to slip ...

So, I decided today, that wasn't going to happen. I found an old swim practice sheet from March and decided to grab the kids and head over to the aquatic center where I was assured of getting a lane to swim in. The kids kept themselves occupied in the other pool and I logged 1600 meters today! Took me an hour (which is about 15 min longer than it used to about a month ago) - but I did it anyway.

I'm not going to let all the work I put in, just slide away into the summer haze. Not going to let it happen. Sometimes you just have to make the opportunity happen.
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Swim just keeps getting better and better .... today's total ... are you ready?

1950 meters!

Took me about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

This is me finding my joy today.
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I swam 1750 meters today. I swam more than a mile!!! I'm floored, happy, speechless and thrilled.
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Today I swam for 1550 meters! 1550! I'm totally pleased with myself. snoopy happy dance


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