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Apparently, you can carry knitting needles in your carry on baggage through Dulles (bamboo & plastic, not metal). I know it's only a 2 hour flight down South to see [ profile] mamatata, but I'd like to have the option to knit if I don't feel like reading ;-).

I'm off for a girls weekend tomorrow through Sunday. Y'all be good and leave some interesting things to read.
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I have a Discount Travel Certificate from United. I must book the tickets before the 5th. I want to use this and get away for a weekend .... but I can't afford to spend a lot of money on hotels and the like, and I'd prefer to use it visiting friends or family :)

The ticket is good for United, United Express or Ted, and it can be within the 50 states, PR, US Virgin Islands or Canada.

Where should I go?
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Where do y'all go to find the cheapest flights? I normally use cheap tickets - but the lowest I'm finding for what I want is about $350 to $410 (from CA to DC). I'd like a little cheaper if possible, but realize with the current cost of fuel this may be as good as it gets.

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I got to CA just fine. They called for a medic before we'd even left the ground ... it was like one of those surreal TV moments. She's going to be fine, but they got her off the plane and into the waiting hands of the Paramedics. Then they asked me to fill out a card.... not sure why.

Last night there was dancing ... and lots of it. I slept the sleep of the exhausted, but only until 4:40am. Then I had to wait awhile to get back to sleep.

We leave today for the cruise. The weather was beautiful yesterday afternoon and then in rained almost all evening. Which is a good thing because SoCal has been in a drought. The bad thing is I neglected to bring much for (bad) or cooler weather. Just a couple of light sweaters. C'est la vie -- I guess we'll figure it out on the fly.

More to post when I get back!

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I'm going to make my tea, have some breakfast and head out the door to my plane. Tomorrow I board a very big boat. There will be margaritas.

Be safe - have some fun, write about it. Love ya
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So there's the first part which is mostly ...

the boring and healthy )

I'm leaving Friday for California to go on a cruise with my sister as a late 40th birthday present for me. The cruise leaves Saturday, and it's a 5 day. I'm am going to take my running shoes and 1 set of comfortable work out pants, so that I can walk or run around the ship. I'll find out if the have a weight room and try and get in a little lifting too - if only for 20 minutes or so a day. *But* I totally plan on having a few margaritas while I'm gone, hopefully served to me by a lovely cabana boy named Juan ... or Ryan ... or Chaz .... *grin* I have started to put together what I'm taking for the cruise - I found a fantastic swirly dress while out on date night with MLW [ profile] ani_moore last week, as well as a lacy, deep "v" front top to go dancing in. For the Captain's dinner I'm taking the gold dress I wore for Ani & Russ' vow renewal in Vegas, along with the fabulous sparkly shoes of doom. I'm just finally staring to get excited about it all. Internet access is tres expensive on board, so I probably won't be posting updates until I'm back in CA. Cell coverage will probably be sketchy too -- it will be strange to actually be almost completely out of contact for 5 days. Just look for the long haired chick in the deck chair with her book and maybe her Ipod .... Oh Yeah.

Today I have to catch up on some chores ... (bleh, anyone else want to pay the bills?!) and visit a client.

What's new with you?
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I'm leaving from Dulles on Friday morning to go to CA for my cruise. I would rather not park there for 10 days due to limited funds. But the airport shuttle doesn't seem to be cheap either - $46 from my house to there.

**edit** found a solution. Much thanks to [ profile] gsh
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Looks like I'll be taking a cruise for my 40th this year with my sis & nieces. However, instead of flying into LA and having to deal with family drama - I might just fly directly in to San Diego a day earlier than the cruise and I might need a place to crash for the evening. Anyone here live that way?


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