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Here's som photo's of my adventures last weekend ....

Homecoming Football game. The Vikings stomped the Bulldogs 35 to 6.


And then on Saturday night was the Great Big Sea Concert ... we stood in front and had a fabulous time!!! T got a guitar pick from Alan (thanks very much to [ profile] cussata's mad barrier diving skills and I got the set list. The pictures are fabulous. Click on them to see the rest ...

IMG_0102 IMG_0090

Sunday was spent at the Air & Space Museum with the family ... the kids were in a paper airplane throwing contest in the "How Things Fly" lab. T ended up winning. But M almost beat her out.

IMG_0151 IMG_0150 IMG_0152
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It was a great weekend. I spent time with my family, I did something new, I kept up with my workouts and I helped a new baby into the world :)

Friday was a little frustrating ... but ended up pretty well. The evening before that I'd done this henna on my daughter:


Saturday I would of loved to have gone monster hunting & camping with my friends....but my client called promptly at 8am Saturday morning. Less than 10 minutes later I was on the road to the birth center and by the time I arrived she was already ready to push. I love expedient babies. At 9:22am, baby boy "Luke" made his way into the world with a lot to say. He weighed in at 8lbs, 6oz and 22 inches long. His mom, and particularly his dad are already completely besotted with him.

I made it home later in the afternoon than I wanted in time to watch the Mountaineer game against East Carolina Pirates. It was sad. There isn't much more I want to say about that.

Sunday I got up and did the workout I would of done Saturday on my Body for Life program. 20 minutes of sweat inducing, mildly cursing cardio. If you're interested in following my progress, you can opt in on my filter, by leaving me a note here or by joining the community I started [ profile] fast_together. Then I came home and got [ profile] lapsedagnostic and all the girlies ready to go indoor rock climbing at SportRock. It was great. They have 'auto' belayers that you can clip into and it allows novice climbers to start climbing. 3 of my girls made it all the way up the tallest wall (45 feet) and I was so proud of them. I only made it about 30 or so feet, but hey ... I have something to strive for next time right? I think I would really like to try the other indoor climbing place EarthTreks in Rockville. Anyway, here are pictures of my brave spawn doing their best spidey impressions up tall walls. Then we had sushi for lunch -- Mmmmmm. Nothing like carbs and raw fish to round out a really good day.


Ultimately my goal is to take the basic rope & belay class and movement classes so I can do the outdoor climbing adventures in Great Falls or Carderock. Anyone else interested?
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For those of you who 'donned paint and did the sunny dance" requested in my earlier Pennsic up date post, I thank you.

Weekend weather for Slippery Rock, PA.
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Friday was spent in pursuit of retail therapy, a la Potomac Mills Mall with my friend Janet. There were a few lovely finds including something fun and frilly for pirate camp, and shoes. The day was topped off by a visit to Dixie Bones for BBQ - me some catfish from there. Yyuuuummm.

Saturday was pampering the tootsies with Janet and the Widgeon. Next time remind me to make an appointment, because they were packed. The entire trip was 2 hours (an hour longer than it should of been). However, my toes are beautiful and back to my favorite coming-into-summer-color of OPI's "Down to your Last Penny" polish. In the afternoon was prom dress shopping with les Widgeon and my other daughter Cara-beara, both of whom found *fabulous* dresses that didn't break the budget. Later that evening Widgeon, Cara and I went down to the high school to see her two other best friends perform in the Dance Recital. I was impressed and tickled that one of the seniors used Great Big Sea's "Ordinary Day" for her senior solo. After the recital I took the girls to Silver Diner for a bite and some laughs .. it was a great evening.

Sunday, Widg and I took a short road trip up to see my lovely [ profile] mellyflori and the cutest little benevolent dictator ever. Widgeon drove the entire way up (about a 2 hour drive) and did really pretty well ... she only tried to scare the life out of me once by slamming on the brakes and not hitting anyone *yay!* (and she kept great control of the car). We all decided to check out the "17th Annual May Day Fairie Festival" at Spoutwood Farm. It was .... interesting to say the least ... and there were a whole lot of folk in dressed in the - "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should" category. Some of the vendors were interesting and [ profile] mellyflori and I found a vendor selling some beautiful silks for bellydancers. She came home with a top and I came home with a skirt :) Widgeon's find for the day was incense. The drive back was full of good conversation with my girl. It was good to get home though.

What did you all do?
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1. I'm currently snowed in in WV with [ profile] belthazar_b. I will, if all goes well, be home sometime tomorrow, but the weather is bad enough that: a) I couldn't get off of the hill where B lives with a front wheel drive Toyota Corolla and passable tires, and b)he barely made it down the hill with a better car and snow tires, this is *after* we passed at least 2 accidents in Morgantown proper, and c) even if I could of gotten out of here the warnings of continued snow and ice made me slightly wary of driving almost 4 hours and getting stuck in the dark in bad-ass weather. This isn't what I'd planned, but at least I'm not going to worry my loved ones. Anyway, there's pizza, football and Warcrack later and snuggling with my boy :)

2. I had a wonderful, wonderful weekend with parts of my clan and my friends from The Chalkman Pub in PA. There was food, drink, conversations, stories and laughter :)

3. A sudden bout of insomnia both nights this weekends made the days a little less fun. Despite having comfortable bedding and a dark place to sleep, both nights when I lay down, I could not fall asleep which was aggravating. Thank ghod for Tylenol PM. Better living through chemistry, yo.

4. My daughter has an amazing best friend. For the last 4 months Katie-bird has been working on a handmade quilt in honor of A's 16th birthday. She finished it on Friday and called to tell me about it on the drive up, she was so excited that to be able to give it to her this weekend. Unfortunately I wasn't going to be there to see it. She brough it by today. A sent me pictures (since I can't be home to see it before she's back at her Dad's for the next 2 weeks) and it is wonderful. It has little things that are about them, including lyrics from a couple of different songs. I cried to see the pictures of it. I'm so happy about how truly wonderful these girls are and how lucky they are to have each other.

5. I had a date night with my oldest daughter Widgeon, Friday before this one. We hit the movies and did a chick flick "The Holiday" with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. It was so much fun to have that time with just her, because I know in a couple of years she'll be off to college and we won't have the time we do now.

6. I spent date night with da' wife this last Tuesday [ profile] ani_moore taking a tribal bellydancing class. Not only did she treat me to the class, she also treated me to some girly eye candy glittery makeup in purple and gold. She also picked up some, and played with it this weekend, taking some incredible pictures after she was all dolled up. And at the dance class she was entranced with trying to make the Shimmy Fairy show up -- it's so much fun to be able to share one of my passions with her :)

7. I haven't played WoW all week, and surprisingly I've missed it ... *huh* Strange thing for this non-gamer girl to say

8. Last weeks eating and exercising went by the wayside. Not awful, not unrecoverable, but most definitely not really there. This week will be better.

9. Eh ... brain cramp, lost my train of thought ....

10. Stay warm, safe and dry, k?!
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Let's see ... last week Wed night I took an impromptu roadtrip to W.V. see my new beau [ profile] belthazar_b. Got back Thursday evening to spend lovely quality time with the hubby [ profile] lapsedagnostic and da beautiful Wife [ profile] ani_moore and Number 1 daughter Widgeon. Friday [ profile] lapsedagnostic and I were the model of efficiency as we ran around and did some last minute birthday shopping for our second daughter T who's birthday was Saturday. Friday night we played WoW (warcrack) with some friends until we fell over.

Saturday I got up early with the girls - started cooking at 8am and didn't stop until almost noon. Didn't even sit down once to drink my tea. I made pancakes for the birthday girl and sisters. Made deviled eggs (18 pack, which made 3 dozen), started 4 quarts of crock pot chili and made some veggie-tofu chili for the Widgeon. Widg got up and made the birthday cake for everyone as we were celebrating not only T's 9th birthday, but the birthdays of my brother in law, niece, mother in law, husband, daughter and father in law (see what happens when you don't get together for the entire summer?!). We were joined also by our dearest friend [ profile] j_luc_pitard and her kids S and G -- oh, it was also S's 9th birthday last Wed (T's bestest girlfriend). [ profile] ani_moore joined us after Faire with a basket full of goodies to share. It was a lovely, busy party! Later that evening we took the kids over to Haunted Mini Golf, where we played 18 holes with dark with glowing balls and blinking holes - it was great fun! Saturday evening I'd hoped to see [ profile] alex_wench but I didn't find the directions unfortunately we missed her :( Saturday night around midnight-ish A and I dressed up to go see the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Fairfax. Got home at 3am - I was bushed.

Sunday was spent recovering from Saturday. Did a lot of catching up on paperwork and laundry. Did schoolwork with the girlies and had a quiet day. Hated to miss the last day of the Maryland Ren Faire, but lots of friends went (and posted pictures) so it was just like almost being there. Last night was more WoW with [ profile] belthazar_b and then falling into bed last night and having dreams of being a fugitive, although it was never clear as to what I did, or why I was running.... weird.

How was your weekend?
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[ profile] lapsedagnostic and I are getting away for a little weekend of our own. Tonight we bike the sites, tomorrow I have something a little fun planned (shhhh! it's a surprise). Tomorrow night we're supposed to hit 2 birthday parties -- Sunday we might see a movie.

We might or might not have internet access. Y'all be good now ....

We're here!

May. 5th, 2006 05:13 pm
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We arrived safe and sound in Ottawa this morning and walked straight into [ profile] much_ado and [ profile] matthew_g. We headed straight into Ottawa, and of course [ profile] much_ado and I found her favorite sarong supplier. Damage was done, 'nuff said. Then a lovely lunch and headed over to the hotel. The weather is beautiful, if a little chilly. The tulips are in bloom and the dogs are wearing sunglasses and jester hats.

Currently we're imbibing alcohol in small quantities with [ profile] bridgeoutahead and [ profile] the_real_crispy and trouble of one sort or another will be had tonight.

I see drunk-LJ'ing in the future ... just sayin'.

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[ profile] lapsedagnostic and I are on our way to Canada at an obscene hour of the morning tomorrow. Off to help celebrate the beautiful wedding of [ profile] much_ado and [ profile] matthew_g!! Should be available by email, possibley by LJ.

Have a good weekend, play nice and leave me lots to read :)
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I was talking to K tonight about what was on tap for the weekend. I mentioned that I was hoping to go the club (yet again) this Friday - but that I refused to actually make a commitment to it, or make a date for it because I'm sure that I'll get called to a birth. See, last week and the week before that I had definite plans, and twice I was called away - this time I have no firm plans and hopefully the phone will not ring. ::crosses fingers::

It makes a weird kind of sense to me ...
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Every time I put my coat on yesterday, the smell of woodsmoke drifted up. I love the smell of woodsmoke. It reminds me of my favorite things.... particularly Pennsic, camping, friends. It's the last thing I want to wash out of my hair or clothes whenever I get back from Pennsic each year.

This weekend I did something a little uncharacteristic of me - I went on a quick, solitary road trip. My friends from the Chalkman held their annual Midwinter party. They live in Pittsburgh - about a 5 hour drive from here... After giving my hubby [ profile] lapsedagnostic a sleep in morning (since he was giving me the rest of the day and next day off - thank you babe!) I left about 11:30 or so. The drive was beautiful, the clouds were dark, but no actual rain to contend with. Besides a quick call with my wife, the lovely [ profile] ani_moore I didn't really talk to anyone. Which for me is unusual because whenever I'm alone (especially in the car) I have that need to call *someone*. Not this time. Instead I blasted the music until I got bored with it, and then plugged in the Ipod and listened to "Memoirs of a Geisha" ~unabridged~. I arrived at Joe & Kelly's around 5 ish. The gallant [ profile] svandevander came down to help with my overnight bag and sleeping bag. The beautiful [ profile] wilfulcait woke up from a nap and gave me the best hug ever ;)

[ profile] mellyflori rolled in with the guys from running errands ...Then I got to hug everyone else including [ profile] lilithfalling and new mommy [ profile] ebullientjenn,[ profile] wizardglick & Geoff, Concord, Cedric, Kelley. Hell, it was worth the drive just for the hugs! The party picked up a bit later, with a good mix of the usual Pennsic suspects and lots of Kelley's friends from work/university. There was food (including this incredible pierogi casserole ~yum~), and lots to drink (cider, what cider? here, I'll get you another one) and lots of laughter. Outside on the porch there was a chiminaya with a fire to stand against. Jeff kept things burning and warm, and Mmmmm, the smell of woodsmoke. Later there was Euchre and the requisite obnoxious drunk (who didn't/couldn't play, but had to comment on everyone else). After a cider (or 4), I realized I was quite happy and done and curled up on the couch to sleep, during the last round of cards. The party ended around 4 or 4:30, I think .. hard to tell since I'd been dozing on and off.

The next day dawned bright and beautiful. I hated to leave around 11am - but I wanted to get home before teaching class on Sunday night. The drive back was just as quiet, no phones, good tunes and then more book. I got here promptly at 4, greeted by my horde of giggling girls.

Normally, when I get a weekend like this, it just ends up making me want more. But this time, this weekend, it was just enough.


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