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occasionally I aim to misbehave

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Birthdate:Aug 7
Location:Virginia, United States of America
I am a mother, a wife, a girlfriend, a lover, a midwife, an artist, a crafter, a teacher, a student and most recently a triathlete. There is no one set of things that define me. I love passionately and am intensely loyal. I like to wear my heart out on my sleeve but am too worried about being hurt to do it often. Color makes me happy, purple in particular and Autumn is my favorite time of year. Occasions are meant to be celebrated - live well while you have the opportunity. One should never be without a good book and a place to read it. I love people in all their various forms - beauty is where you find it. If you want me to talk your ear off ask me about birth and why I love my job. As unpopular as it may be, I love that Christmas music starts sometime in mid November. I despise social games and admire the ability to be direct - if I'm curious I'll ask and I probably won't be subtle about it. I want to grow fabulously old ....
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