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To my husband who still rocks my socks :-)

Happy Birthday [ profile] lapsedagnostic!!! I love you
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Happy Birthday to my love [ profile] lapsedagnostic!

You bring so much light and love and laughter to me. May we always have that this year and every year there after. Love you!
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A happy, happy, happy birthday to the wonderful Rogue [ profile] russell_moore!

May it be a great year full of on time metros, good rum and a Bears win during the football season! Love you babe :)
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Let's see ... last week Wed night I took an impromptu roadtrip to W.V. see my new beau [ profile] belthazar_b. Got back Thursday evening to spend lovely quality time with the hubby [ profile] lapsedagnostic and da beautiful Wife [ profile] ani_moore and Number 1 daughter Widgeon. Friday [ profile] lapsedagnostic and I were the model of efficiency as we ran around and did some last minute birthday shopping for our second daughter T who's birthday was Saturday. Friday night we played WoW (warcrack) with some friends until we fell over.

Saturday I got up early with the girls - started cooking at 8am and didn't stop until almost noon. Didn't even sit down once to drink my tea. I made pancakes for the birthday girl and sisters. Made deviled eggs (18 pack, which made 3 dozen), started 4 quarts of crock pot chili and made some veggie-tofu chili for the Widgeon. Widg got up and made the birthday cake for everyone as we were celebrating not only T's 9th birthday, but the birthdays of my brother in law, niece, mother in law, husband, daughter and father in law (see what happens when you don't get together for the entire summer?!). We were joined also by our dearest friend [ profile] j_luc_pitard and her kids S and G -- oh, it was also S's 9th birthday last Wed (T's bestest girlfriend). [ profile] ani_moore joined us after Faire with a basket full of goodies to share. It was a lovely, busy party! Later that evening we took the kids over to Haunted Mini Golf, where we played 18 holes with dark with glowing balls and blinking holes - it was great fun! Saturday evening I'd hoped to see [ profile] alex_wench but I didn't find the directions unfortunately we missed her :( Saturday night around midnight-ish A and I dressed up to go see the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Fairfax. Got home at 3am - I was bushed.

Sunday was spent recovering from Saturday. Did a lot of catching up on paperwork and laundry. Did schoolwork with the girlies and had a quiet day. Hated to miss the last day of the Maryland Ren Faire, but lots of friends went (and posted pictures) so it was just like almost being there. Last night was more WoW with [ profile] belthazar_b and then falling into bed last night and having dreams of being a fugitive, although it was never clear as to what I did, or why I was running.... weird.

How was your weekend?
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Wishing my husband and love a very special birthday -- I love you!

Happy Birthday [ profile] lapsedagnostic!!!!!
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] frost57565!!! May this year be full of joy for you :)
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Happy Birthday [ profile] makeplayhappen! Thank you for being such a memorable part of my year - may the year ahead be full of wonderful & delicious moments.


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