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Can anyone guess why I would be so I'm so excited?!!!!! I'll give you a clue - it's not because it is Halloween .... It's because

[ profile] lapsedagnostic has a job!!!!!

He starts Monday.


Oct. 2nd, 2006 03:55 pm
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The job interview for [ profile] lapsedagnostic went well -- there may be one or more positions, there may not be any. Either way, it'll be at least a week before any decision is made. Thanks for your thoughts and good wishes.
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If you have a moment could you please send a good thought out to the Powers that Be today for [ profile] lapsedagnostic, please. He has a second interview with a company in NoVa and he's worked very hard this week on coding and such, so after 2 months unemployment it would be nice to have something definitive in the pike, ya' know?

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Thank you everyone for your well wishes, good thought, crossed appendages and prayers. The interview went fine, [ profile] lapsedagnostic was told they were at the beginning of the process but they would probably call him back for a second interview. He's gotten two more calls in the last 24 hours, one for a contract position (6 to 12 mo, but no benefits), and a full time job, but it's in Herndon *sigh* It beats no call backs, yo.

Keep the thoughts coming if you can :)
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My husband [ profile] lapsedagnostic is in the position of needing a new job

He is a Windows programmer using Visual C++ and MFC. Has 17+ years of experience.

Looking in the NoVa and DC area.

Please leave a comment here if you know of anything or need further information

Thanks so much!


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