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Where ever you go, what ever you do, whom ever you celebrate the closing of this year with...... Be safe, be thankful and look forward with hope.

Happy New Year, my friends! See you in the new year.

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It isn't too often that you can say thanks to a real life hero. But yesterday that's what happened to [ profile] emt_hawk who was honored with an award for saving a little girl's life last year. True to form - Hawk gave credit to all the guys saying - "This is a very big award. I'm very pleased to accept it on behalf of the other guys who were involved as well. Because it was a hot summer’s day and there were seventeen other departments that came to that particular call," Rosse said. This is the link for the article and news story

Congrat's Hawk and kudos to your brothers in the department!
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What would you do if you knew someone was doing the wrong thing. Would you confront them? Yell at them? Try to reason with them? Leave them be?

I'm so freaking amazed and pissed and sad, I don't even know where to start.
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Fate has seen fit to put me back in contact with an old love from my high school days. After finding me on classmates and some flurrying emails back and forth to catch up - I turned him on to LJ as a way to catch up with at least the last few years of my life.

So, please welcome [ profile] crystal_coyote to the LJ family. He's a fabulous guy with some amazing drum making skills and a laugh that still gets my attention :)

Oh, and he's obviously where some of my cornflake tendencies came from when it comes to guys - just look at his user pic.
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I love this picture -- working and playing - they're all good with my friends ...
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Something I thought you might enjoy
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As a follow up to this post I think I'd like to do a chick outing. Iffin's you're interested in hanging out on the lawn and listening to the Indigo Girls , please respond to this post and I'll coordinate the purchase of buying lawn tickets in the next day or so. I do have a paypal account, and checks are always welcome :)
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A: the "Good Friends" are the people who can call me at 4am and aske me to get in my car/get on a plane/cash in my retirement fund for bail money.
Me: How about go to jail with me and exclaim "damn that was fun, shame we got caught?"
A: only if you call Matthew and I'll call Q
Me: oh, absolutely .... i'll even try to look vaguely contrite about the whole thing.
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Every time I put my coat on yesterday, the smell of woodsmoke drifted up. I love the smell of woodsmoke. It reminds me of my favorite things.... particularly Pennsic, camping, friends. It's the last thing I want to wash out of my hair or clothes whenever I get back from Pennsic each year.

This weekend I did something a little uncharacteristic of me - I went on a quick, solitary road trip. My friends from the Chalkman held their annual Midwinter party. They live in Pittsburgh - about a 5 hour drive from here... After giving my hubby [ profile] lapsedagnostic a sleep in morning (since he was giving me the rest of the day and next day off - thank you babe!) I left about 11:30 or so. The drive was beautiful, the clouds were dark, but no actual rain to contend with. Besides a quick call with my wife, the lovely [ profile] ani_moore I didn't really talk to anyone. Which for me is unusual because whenever I'm alone (especially in the car) I have that need to call *someone*. Not this time. Instead I blasted the music until I got bored with it, and then plugged in the Ipod and listened to "Memoirs of a Geisha" ~unabridged~. I arrived at Joe & Kelly's around 5 ish. The gallant [ profile] svandevander came down to help with my overnight bag and sleeping bag. The beautiful [ profile] wilfulcait woke up from a nap and gave me the best hug ever ;)

[ profile] mellyflori rolled in with the guys from running errands ...Then I got to hug everyone else including [ profile] lilithfalling and new mommy [ profile] ebullientjenn,[ profile] wizardglick & Geoff, Concord, Cedric, Kelley. Hell, it was worth the drive just for the hugs! The party picked up a bit later, with a good mix of the usual Pennsic suspects and lots of Kelley's friends from work/university. There was food (including this incredible pierogi casserole ~yum~), and lots to drink (cider, what cider? here, I'll get you another one) and lots of laughter. Outside on the porch there was a chiminaya with a fire to stand against. Jeff kept things burning and warm, and Mmmmm, the smell of woodsmoke. Later there was Euchre and the requisite obnoxious drunk (who didn't/couldn't play, but had to comment on everyone else). After a cider (or 4), I realized I was quite happy and done and curled up on the couch to sleep, during the last round of cards. The party ended around 4 or 4:30, I think .. hard to tell since I'd been dozing on and off.

The next day dawned bright and beautiful. I hated to leave around 11am - but I wanted to get home before teaching class on Sunday night. The drive back was just as quiet, no phones, good tunes and then more book. I got here promptly at 4, greeted by my horde of giggling girls.

Normally, when I get a weekend like this, it just ends up making me want more. But this time, this weekend, it was just enough.


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