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So we had picked up Groupon tickets for "Much Ado about Nothing" at the Sidney Harman Hall. Having not read or seen any other reviews of this particular production, we didn't know how it was going to be presented. Interestingly enough, they chose to set it in Cuba during the 1930's and one of their revolutions. Our seats were in the balcony, row BB which is the 2nd row back from the edge .... they were great seats! The seats are also wider and taller than the Kennedy Center which was a lovely surprise.

As we proceeded down the steep stairs, the stage was this stunning set of a hacienda, complete with a fountain in the middle. There were 3 different stairways, including a beautiful blue spiral staircase towards the front on stage left. The set was very multi-functional as demonstrated through the rest of the play, without being distracting or obvious when scenes changed.

The play seemed to get off to a slow start. The actors didn't quite have their energy in the right place for about the first 15 minutes, but after that .... things flowed rather smoothly. There were only 2 instances during the show where it was obvious that someone had missed their cue, but they recovered rather quickly. The costuming was stunning and completely appropriate for the period. They also adjusted some of the Bard's famous words to adjust to the setting of this particular production, which was clever. Amusingly enough though, they did not change the names of the towns .... and so when they would talk about "Messina" it bothered [ profile] lapsedagnostic as being clearly out of place. It didn't really bother me. The actors seemed well suited to their roles. I only really had an issue with the actor who potrayed the Prince, Don Pedro. He didn't seem to articulate particularly well. I was lukewarm on Benedict and Beatrice at first, but warmed up to them quickly. They both had a good sense of comic timing, which is important during certain moments.

Also ... as a complete aside of the production .... pre-ordering a snack and drink for intermission is totally the way to go. We picked up our food and avoided the really long line that formed during the short intermission!

All of us really enjoyed it, including the kids. S (10) and M (11) had some issues with Elizabethan english, but were still able to follow the play and enjoy the story. T (14), [ profile] princesswidgeon, [ profile] lapsedagnostic and myself enjoyed it quite a bit. I would certainly give this a 2 thumbs up, and recommend it to our friends :) This is one of my favorites of Shakespeare's plays and I'm a huge fan of the Kenneth Branagh movie version. I'm really looking forward to Joss Whedon's upcoming version as well. Quasi and I also received a discount coupon for their upcoming production of "Two Gentleman of Verona" coming up in January. Anyone interested in making it group expedition?
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Much Ado about Nothing, which is one of my favorite plays by the bard is the Living Social deal today .... if you're in the DC metro area and interested in this deal ... please use my link and I'll get credit for it :)

We're going to see it on Sunday, Nov 27th with the kids :) - good way to start of the holiday season.

Here's the link:
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Last night [ profile] lapsedagnostic and I saw the musical "Wicked" at the Kennedy Center as our (late) 15th anniversary present. It was awesome! The stage had a beautiful map of OZ as the curtain and the biggest mechanical dragon above the stage I've seen. Both leads that played Elphaba and Glinda (the Guuuuuh is silent *lol*) were amazing. I don't know which performance this was for them, but it might as well of been their first. The energy and joy they put into their performance was transporting.... it made being in Oz a believable experience.

Other than the song "Defying Gravity" - this isn't the kind of musical where the music leaves you humming along after - but the songs are an integral part of the story and how it moves along. The characters were all strong as were the actors that played them.

Given the chance, I would see it again in a heartbeat :) If you can find the tickets and the time ... I highly recommend seeing it before it leaves the DC area.
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So yesterday I finally had a chance to enjoy a late "You rock, you completed your Triathlon" gift from my sweetie [ profile] belthazar_b. He'd gotten me a group-on coupon for admission to Spa World with a 30 minute foot massage.

Holy moly - I spent 5 hours of (mostly) uninterrupted bliss getting soaked in the jet pool (of DOOM - in the best way), heated to toasty and massaged into solitary, quiet bliss. It's clean, it's mostly quiet and you can stay as long as you want. I can definitely see this as a once-a-month treat kind of thing for myself.

I would of enjoyed going with a friend or friends, so if you're headed out to Spa World, let me know. It's only about 30 minutes for me to drive to :)

For those of you who are looking for a treat and a feeling of a miniature get-a-way - I recommend this place highly!
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What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? Robert H. Schuller

You see ... there was this thing on TV about 2 weeks ago, and I was transfixed. It was an indoor "sprint" triathlon and it and the participants were all women who were around my age and all women who have struggled with their weight. Funny enough, the thing that popped into my head was "I could do that". Trust me, that wasn't what I expected my brain to say out loud.

Since then the seed has been growing and growing and apparently it's taken root. I am going to do the Angels Race Sprint Triathlon in Lynchburg, VA on Sunday, April 25, 2010. I've signed up for the Facebook group and will be watching the website for registration. I am going to train for the next few months, through the winter because honestly, I want to avoid my usual (but mild case) of seasonal affective disorder and I also want to avoid the holiday temptations (too much). Plus, I need something to work toward, and this is something I believe is entirely possible for me.

The sprint triathlon consists of a 300 meter swim, 15.5 mile bike, and 3.1 run. I have a fitness center close by that has an indoor pool. I own a treadmill and a bike. I think I might need one of those bike things that take the wheel off the ground so I can still practice indoors when the weather is too awful. But hey, Christmas is coming right?!

So, there you go, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and stating my intent. I'll most likely create a filter for it. I would love support, so if this sounds interesting to you, feel free to say so in the comments.

Off to go do more research :)
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18th century style. A real update coming up later today.

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Tonight! Wolf Trap! Yay!!!!!
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For those in the DC area .... the Shakespeare Free for All is back! As I recall, it took about a year's hiatus due to various things. And the dates have been moved from the early summer to the end of summer .. and it's coming soon! August 27th to Sept. 12, 2009. And they're performing my second favorite production - Taming of the Shrew!

I'm hoping to/planning to make at this at least twice if I can manage the time. Catch is, tickets are only available 2 hours in advance at the box office, so got to get in line really early. And instead of 4 tickets per person (as in previous years) you can only get two.

Information is here:

The Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Free For All is a much-loved Washington tradition, offering free performances of a Shakespearean classic to the general public. This year the Free For All moves to STC's new state-of-the-art theatre Sidney Harman Hall (610 F Street NW; Metro Stop: Gallery Place-Chinatown).

With The Taming of the Shrew, Shakespeare gives us the improbable courtship of the fiery-tongued Katherine by the arrogant Petruchio. But unlike Shakespeare’s other romantic comedies, the play does not stop with the wedding. Shakespeare considers the institution of marriage, the rifts between men and women, and the rough journey toward love. One of Shakespeare’s earliest and most popular comedies, The Taming of the Shrew bursts with disguise, deception and devilment.

Tickets can be obtained free of charge in-person the day of the performance at the Sidney Harman Hall Box Office. Our Box Office staff will begin distributing tickets two hours prior to curtain (please note curtain times do vary).  Each person in line is allowed two tickets. Tickets are subject to availability. Seating is reserved and will be at the discretion of House Management.

Subscribers/Friends of Free For All:
As a benefit of subscription, all 2009-2010 season subscribers may reserve their Free For All tickets in advance of select performances. Friends of Free For All may also reserve tickets in advance. Anyone may become a Friend of Free For All by making a tax-deductible contribution to support this important outreach program.

Light meals, sandwiches, snacks and assorted beverages are available in our lobby before the performance and during intermission. Picnic space is available one block away, on the lawn of the National Building Museum.

Who's interested?!
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**Edit - the extra ticket I have has been spoken for** But I would still love to see friends and family if you want to make it!!!

Great Big Sea & Carbon Leaf are playing at Wolf Trap next Friday, August 21st. I bought 8 tickets, 7 of which are spoken for. I have one lawn ticket left for $25. I would love for someone to grab it.

Belthazar, Widgeon, C, myself and the girls will all be claiming lawn seats *early* this year so we can see. We love fun company .....Anyone going to join us?
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Hey all .... [ profile] belthazar_b and I were supposed to head to this concert tomorrow night, but plans have changed. Tix are for sale ... here's his lj post Comments for this entry are screened as well if you want to contact me for the tickets.

Yes, they are! If you actually know who both of them are, your probably as excited as I was when I heard they were coming. I was so excited that I ran off and bought two tickets to the show. Unfortunately, plans change, as do priorities, and alas I won't be making it to the show. Thus, I have two tickets for the show TOMORROW night (June 5th) at Wolftrap. My cost for the tickets was $30 each with all the damned fees and all. I would *really* like to find someone that would like to buy the tickets off of me. I really don't want to have to eat the ticket price, but will if necessary. I will be headed to NoVa in the AM, so we could arrange for me to drop them off or for you to pick them up.

I am screening comments, if your interested, please drop me a note and I'll give you my phone # and we can setup an exchange.
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Life continues on apace here at Casa de [ profile] make_you_move. The kids brought home pretty good report cards ... the last few weeks were filled with things like Spring Break and a trip to the Cherry Blossom Festival with Amy!


There was Easter ... which was lovely, sunny and beautiful. We were able to hide eggs outside for the first time in years. That was fun.

This last weekend was spent doing some needful things, like the deck and so forth, which I really enjoyed actually. The kids enjoyed helping out too, and we ended the day by cooking out on grill and eating outside. Mmmmmm, burgers on the grill.

Sunday was time spent with the clan [ profile] cussata, [ profile] lalartu, [ profile] mellyflori, and [ profile] morienmacbain and the small and beautiful TBD. We spent most of the day in the basement making beautiful silk banners to spiffy up our camp with ... I'd never done it before, so it was new and exciting to learn. I haven't yet worked on my super big banner (but it's stretched and in the frame). Instead I did a small practice banner and it turned out great! Look at what I did ~yay~!

IMG_0081 IMG_0084


Apr. 9th, 2009 11:25 am
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I'm taking the kids outside for a picnic and playtime in the sun.

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Nothing like a good run/walk up and down the nearest nature trail to clear away internal ick. I disturbed a few robins who looked askance at my intrusion into their meadow, an occasional dog defending the borders of their back yard, and one or two squirrels who high tailed it out of my way. My soundtrack this morning? ... the staccato beat of a woodpecker trying to conquer an obstinate knot in a tree and the bubbling of running water and the sound of my very out of breath self. But it felt good.

It's not much, but it's something.
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Does anyone have a link for the Christmas type programs in the DC area?

Thanks [ profile] aramintamd for the link to the Christmas Revels
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The Northern Virginia Bead Society is having their annual Bead Show/Bazaar this weekend in Vienna, VA. There's also a link for $1 off (it's $5 regular, $4 with the coupon).

I'm planning on going today ... probably before noon. Anyone interested?
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It was a great weekend. I spent time with my family, I did something new, I kept up with my workouts and I helped a new baby into the world :)

Friday was a little frustrating ... but ended up pretty well. The evening before that I'd done this henna on my daughter:


Saturday I would of loved to have gone monster hunting & camping with my friends....but my client called promptly at 8am Saturday morning. Less than 10 minutes later I was on the road to the birth center and by the time I arrived she was already ready to push. I love expedient babies. At 9:22am, baby boy "Luke" made his way into the world with a lot to say. He weighed in at 8lbs, 6oz and 22 inches long. His mom, and particularly his dad are already completely besotted with him.

I made it home later in the afternoon than I wanted in time to watch the Mountaineer game against East Carolina Pirates. It was sad. There isn't much more I want to say about that.

Sunday I got up and did the workout I would of done Saturday on my Body for Life program. 20 minutes of sweat inducing, mildly cursing cardio. If you're interested in following my progress, you can opt in on my filter, by leaving me a note here or by joining the community I started [ profile] fast_together. Then I came home and got [ profile] lapsedagnostic and all the girlies ready to go indoor rock climbing at SportRock. It was great. They have 'auto' belayers that you can clip into and it allows novice climbers to start climbing. 3 of my girls made it all the way up the tallest wall (45 feet) and I was so proud of them. I only made it about 30 or so feet, but hey ... I have something to strive for next time right? I think I would really like to try the other indoor climbing place EarthTreks in Rockville. Anyway, here are pictures of my brave spawn doing their best spidey impressions up tall walls. Then we had sushi for lunch -- Mmmmmm. Nothing like carbs and raw fish to round out a really good day.


Ultimately my goal is to take the basic rope & belay class and movement classes so I can do the outdoor climbing adventures in Great Falls or Carderock. Anyone else interested?
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Yesterday I walked off the side of a mountain :) Why is this significant? Because I really don't like heights.

Details and pictures forthcoming.
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Today I'm going to take my kids to the Prince William County Fair for a few hours and see the world through their eyes. We're gonna look at the exhibits and ride the rides and eat a little bit of cotton candy.

Just because we can.
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Last night B and I went to see the Lion King at the Kennedy Center ....

It was OMG awesome....

I can't wait to see it again next week with my hubby and kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This morning I caught a thread on the Merry Rose (the email tavern for the Kingdom of Atlantia) on someone asking practical ideas for bringing her 8 month old (twins I think) to Pennsic. The responses ranged all over, including one that basically said "don't bother, it's too much work" ... so I thought I'd chime in with some thoughts - because I've basically raised my 4 girls in the SCA and short of a few events that I elected to miss - we go do things as a family. Anyway, here's my response this morning that prompted me to make it a class

My thoughts on bringing kids to Pennsic )

And with the encouragement of my clan ... I decided to make this a reality ...

I've signed up to teach a class at Pennsic this year "Modern Kids/Babies in the Current Middle Ages" with the lovely [ profile] mellyflori giving me my class description:

How-tos on safety, garb, hydration, and keeping parents, babies, and kids sane and entertained at Pennsic and other SCA camping events.

So ... I'm interested to hear what other SCA/Renn/reenactors & like folk say about raising kids. All hints, tips and tricks are welcome!


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